The First Clinton, Trump Debate Boiled Down To Essential GIFs

Jeff Taylor

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton debate

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump provided plenty of notable moments that practically demanded the GIF treatment, and of course they got them. Take a look below at some of the best the internet had to offer.

The Entrances

Hillary Tells a Whopper









Donald Tells His Own









Hillary Loving Every Moment Of Getting To Respond To Mr. “Much Better” Temperament 

Reminds Of Shaq’s Gold Bond Shimmy 















Donald Needs Some Water To Put Out The Burn, Delivers Side-Eye

Hillary Shows She Can Side-Eye With The Best Of Them

Hillary Is Onto Donald’s Debate Strategy

Hillary Questions Donald’s Experience











Donald Is Ready To Pop

Bubble Boy









How Lester Probably Felt Once The Debate Ended And He Got To Leave That Mess Behind


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