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These Guys Are Gay And Voting For Donald Trump


It goes without saying that a person’s sexuality does not fully define them as person, and doesn’t lock their political leanings in any one certain way.

However, to most rational people it’s tough to fathom why any gay person would support Donald Trump, and the antigay Republican party he represents, in the race to the White House.

But there are plenty of gay Trump supporters out there, and whatever you want to call it — ill-informed, xenophobic, isolationist — they actually want to see a man like Donald Trump lead our country.

Below, we hear from guys on Whisper who are unafraid to make their beliefs be known:


As a gay man I need to be honest and Donald Trump is the answer to our country

As a gay and homosexual black man I

I just got asked why I


I am a gay Trump supporter and no matter what anyone says if you look at the facts he is the only candidate who truly cares about the LGBT community.




Gay, atheist and a trump supporter. It


As a gay man the only presidential candidate I can support fully is Donald Trump


Yes I am gay. Yes I support Trump. I refuse to support a criminal or a socialist.

As a gay Black man, all Of my friends hate that I support Trump!

Dan Tracer

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