These Guys’ Sex Lives May Leave You Puzzled. Are They On To Something? – Love and Pride

These Guys’ Sex Lives May Leave You Puzzled. Are They On To Something?


Self love is a uniting characteristic of peaceful, happy people, but it’s also one that is sorely lacking in many corners of the LGBTQ community. So many of our brothers and sisters are told from an early age that they aren’t good enough and never will be, and even though we seek out friends, lovers and acquaintances that insist otherwise, the damage often sticks around in our psychic crevices.

Reclaiming love for yourself can be a powerful step towards happiness, but it doesn’t happen over night and it can take on many forms.

For some, removing the cycle of sexual conquest can help get there. We’d never suggest this is the only course to take, or that it’s the right one for everyone, but taking a temporary break from lust can certainly help clear the mind.

Here’s what guys are saying about the process on Whisper:



I am a gay guy. I deleted all the "dating" apps off my phone & have been celibate for the past 5 months. Fuck this hookup culture. I deserve better.

After two failed relationships I



As a gay guy, I am perfectly happy being celibate. I don


Every other gay man thinks me being celibate is sooo boring. There is more to life. Let


I recently decided to become celibate because I think it will be a positive change for me. No, I don

I have gained a bit of weight so I decided to be celibate for awhile. If I can

A friend of mine was diagnosed with HIV so I decided to become celibate because I

I feel like I used to be a sex addict and now that I


Dan Tracer

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