Underwear Models Get Loose, Billy Runs Wild, Beauty And The Beast Gets Real

Just a handful of astoundingly hot underwear models hanging out on a Sunday afternoon and taking the Mannequin Challenge. It happens.

If sentient teacups and leonine monsters are your thing, presently hunker down to give the live-action Beauty and the Beast trailer your rapt attention. So magical.

Time for everyone to put on wigs and become inscrutable again. Sia belts out over Bollywood beats, and the result is this new track “Never Give Up,” soon to be featured in the upcoming film, Lion.

Billy on the Street has a question for this unsuspecting New Yorker: Immigrant or real American? The results are enviably obnoxious:
Diesel features irretrievably attractive trans models (and trots out EMF’s delightfully dorky 1991 hit “Unbelievable”) in this diverting new ad campaign. Suddenly, $35 briefs sound entirely reasonable.

Derek de Koff

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