WATCH: Lance Bass Has Some Advice For His 17-Year-Old Self: “Come Out Sooner!”


Lance Bass made an appearance at the Los Angeles LGBT Center for the premiere of Bianca Del Rio‘s latest feature film Hurricane Bianca. Queerty’s Tim Winfred was on the red carpet to ask all of the celebrities what advice they would give to their 17-year-old selves.

Lance Bass had a refreshing answer: “Come out sooner!”

“Start living your life now,” Bass continued, “Don’t wait until you’re 21, geez. Start living now as a teenager.”

Lance, who became a part of NSYNC from the time he was 16-years-old, came out publicly in 2006 (at the age of 27).

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Watch the video below to hear what advice each of the celebs would give to themselves at 17.


Tim Winfred

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