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What It’s Really Like To Date A Bi Guy


This just in: Bisexuals are really no different from anyone else. And before you say anything — yes, the above picture is not an accurate representation. But hey, it got your attention (our’s too).

And yet there are misconceptions about being bi that come up again and again — that they’re gay and haven’t realized it yet, oversexed, confused or incapable of intimacy.

We’re not going to go too far into why that’s all complete nonsense — we wanted to hear from guys who are getting first-hand experience.

Here’s what guys are Whispering about dating bi:

Being gay and dating a bisexual guy has a certain stigma attached to it I feel like. I just know who I love and who loves me, and that




My boyfriend is bisexual and occasionally jokes about us having sex with other people and it kills me a little each time.



My bf is bi and I

My boyfriend is bisexual and it is so stressful cause I have to watch out what he says to guys and girls

As a gay guy, I

My boyfriend is bisexual and we are in an open relationship. I say I

My boyfriend is bi and he says he loves me. But anytime he talks about how women are so much better than men... I don





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