Modern Fitness For the Modern Parent


Originally published on The Seattle Lesbian

By Laura King

Life can get busy. With work, kids, family commitments, friends, chores, and the general chaos of everyday life, it can be near impossible at times to sit down for a cup of tea, let alone squeeze in an hour of exercise regularly. However, all things are possible if you set your mind to them. Those that prioritize their fitness nearly...

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Estate Planning: The Basics For LGBT Families

With the passage of marriage equality last year, laws have been quickly changing across the United States. LGBT couples with or without children weren’t just given the right of marriage, they were provided new protections and benefits within their families. All of a sudden, LGBT couples and families had to figure out how to file jointly when it came to taxes, how to add...

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Representation of Modern Families in Kid-Friendly Entertainment


By Alex Temblador

I recently wrote an article for The Next Family called, “Family-Friendly Films That Feature Adoption and Foster Care,” that shared wonderful family films with adoption or foster care story lines. My reasoning behind doing so was because every family deserves a chance to see similar families like theirs represented in various forms of entertainment.

The same can be said of other...

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Lesbian Moms: What Do Your Kids Call You?


In their latest YouTube video, Brandy and Susan of The Next Family discussed an important aspect of same-sex parenting: what kids call their parents.

They begin by sharing their own personal story of trying to name themselves as “Mama B” and “Mama S” and then quickly realized how difficult that would be for kids. It then turned to “Mama” and “Mom,” only to once again be changed to “Mama” and...

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Broken Justice System Targets and Harms LGBT People, Study Finds


Originally publish on The Seattle Lesbian

From Senate Republicans to Hillary Clinton, there is a rare and growing consensus across the political spectrum that, with the highest incarceration rate in the world, the United States’ criminal justice system in need of reform. However, one population has been largely absent from the discussion: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

A m...

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In Honor of Women’s History Month: Successful Queer Women of The Past


March is Women’s History Month and it is a vital and important month to recognize women from the past for their contribution and success that has inherently helped women be able to have opportunities today.

It’s also a month to remember the queer women who made giant leaps for women in their own respective careers, for without them, today’s queer women leaders like Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie...

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I Was Half Lucky: What It’s Like To Give Birth To Twins When Only 1 Is Alive

Photo by Helene Samson via Flickr

Photo by Helene Samson via Flickr

By Halina Newberry Grant

My husband followed the sound of my screams. That’s how he found me — by picking up the bread crumbs of profanities I was throwing at doctors and nurses. While he parked the car, I had been put into a scratchy gown and then onto a hospital bed lying on my back while a nurse tried to get my baby’s heart rate with a ridiculous belt...

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Here’s Why LGBT Foster Care Youth Need Loving Adoptive Parents


Times are changing in the United States. Sometimes the policies in the U.S. can feel slow or backwards at times, but for the most part, things are changing for the LGBT community in great and positive ways. One of those changes: the LGBT community and the foster care system.

Yes, 10 years ago, it was very difficult for same-sex couples to be foster parents and adopt. However, with research and a...

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Why It’s Important to Raise Children in a Family That Doesn’t Adhere to Gender Norms


By Alex Temblador

I recently watched a commercial by the Indian detergent company, Ariel, which highlighted family and gender roles; watching it inadvertently made me reflect on my childhood.

A quick summary of the video: It features a father who writes a letter to his daughter which is narrated over scenes of the father watching his daughter in her home environment with her family. The father...

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How Cancer Unleashed a Dog Book for Children That Features a Same-Sex Couple



By Geri Gale/ The Seattle Lesbian

I am a poet and have been told that people take my work out like they would a snifter of Grand Marnier and sip it because it’s so rich. But everything changed on December 6, 2012, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer – the same day Seattle issued its first same-sex marriage licenses.

I’ve been with my partner, Patty Kunitsugu (a.k.a. PK), for 36 years. When...

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