McDonald’s Taiwan ‘Coming Out’ Commercial Shows a Beautiful Family Moment


McCafe, the coffee-related section of McDonald’s, recently released a commercial in Taiwan that has gone viral for the love and acceptance it shows.

In the commercial, a son and father are sitting at a table. The son writes on his coffee cup, “I like boys.” The father seems to be upset and gets up to leave. When he returns with his own coffee, his son is trying to hide his tears. The father takes his son’s coffee cup and adjusts the wording so that it reads, “I accept that you like boys.” Talk about a sweet family moment!

The final message of the commercial — “Let there be more warmth in conversation.”

Though Taiwan is one of the most accepting of same-sex couples, gay marriage is still not legal there. (Taiwan does allow same-sex households to register)

The commercial has been well received on social media with millions of views and thousands of shares, however, there is still a small religious faction that is calling for a boycott of McDonald’s. Perhaps if this small faction had more warmth in their heart, they’d realize how beautiful such a family moment like this is.

Check out the video below!


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