Adopting a Child During the Haitian Earthquake – Love and Pride

Adopting a Child During the Haitian Earthquake


Mark and Kristen Howerton are part of a family of six. They had two biological children and one adopted child before they tried to adopt Kembert, a child from Haiti.

They met Kembert when he was still an infant in a crib, however, they would not be able to adopt him for another three years. During the process of their adoption, while Kristen was visiting Haiti and taking care of paperwork, the Haiti earthquake hit. She shared how Kembert and the other children had to sleep on the driveway.

Kembert and hundreds of other children in Haiti had already had their adoptions approved but only needed a signature by an official so they could go home with their adopted families. The Howerton’s worked with state representatives and the Haitian government to grant humanitarian parole to children who were already matched with adoptive families.

A week later, the U.S. Congress passed a bill called “Help for Haiti” which granted humanitarian parole for 800 Haitian children.

Thanks to the Howertons, Kembert was able to finally join their family as their son, as well as unite hundreds of other children with their families.

Watch the beautiful story below and try not to cry.

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