A Young Teen is Seeking LGBT Parents to Adopt Him


Meet Jaylon: the most adorable teen ever.

He’s 14 and looking for LGBT parents to adopt him. His adoption profile is posted on Heart Gallery LA and reads:

“Jaylon needs to be part of a permanent family whose members are there for one another through the ups and the downs. Jaylon would like to be adopted by a same-sex couple or other LGBT-headed family or at least a family sensitive the needs and issues faced by LGBT youth.”

Whose heart just melted?

In addition, Jaylon is looking for an LGBT family that supports him having a relationship with his sister.

His interests range across a variety of things such as “dancing, bike riding, skateboarding, and reading comic books,” plus he loves history and has a keen interest in flying air crafts. Can we say possible future pilot?

Check out the adoption profile here and see just how amazing this kid is. Better yet, share this article with your friends and let’s get Jaylon the supportive LGBT parents that he seeks.

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