New TEDx Talk Discusses the Myths of Gay Adoption


If you haven’t heard about TED talks, you are missing out! Especially one of the latest, TEDx Talks given by Lynne Elvins who discussed the myths about gay adoption. She discusses how she and her partner received looks, negative comments, and many questions about their interest in gay adoption. She was even pulled aside by a colleague who told her not to discuss her interest in having a family. From there, Elvins goes through the different stages of adoption that she and her partner went through to adopt their son, Steven. It was a journey, not without its obstacles, that eventually lead to a happy ending.

Eventually, Elvins became a mother along with her partner by adoption. Actually, she and her partner were the first openly gay couple to be approved for adoption by the Bristol City Council 11 years ago!

She gives a wonderful talk about the myths of gay adoption and discusses the most recent research about it, as well.

Check it out below!

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