Where Were You When You Didn’t Get Adele Tickets?

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By Alex Temblador

Adele. That one name brings about emotion from thousands (millions?) of fans all across the world–especially those that didn’t get tickets for her 2016 tour. The Next Family’s YouTube channel, headed by Brandy Black, the editor-in-chief of The Next Family, and her wife, Susan, decided to share the struggle of thousands of people (and parents!) who didn’t get Adele tickets with a hilarious video. Let’s meet some of the other parents who struggled so hard to get tickets and came up short.

There’s the mom who “knows” Adele and is obsessed enough with the singer to think that Adele knows her too… Yep, she didn’t get tickets.



Meet the fan who got so hungry while waiting for tickets that she decided to go get some chicken wings. Of course, while she was out, she missed her chance to get tickets. Her stomach’s full, but her soul is empty without Adele tickets.




The true die-hard fans had three computers ready and didn’t take their eyes off the screens. You must have refreshed a thousand times…




You know there were some that couldn’t even go to the bathroom without bringing their laptop with them…just in case those tickets became available!




This mom lost power, so she stood in a Walgreens alley with her laptop to grab Wi-Fi. And as soon as the tickets became available, her laptop died. We’ve all been there.




This super mom (British?) musician tried to use her “connections” in the music industry to get Adele tickets…and failed.




Pulled over by a cop for using her phone to get Adele tickets while driving, this mom didn’t get the ticket she was hoping for.




Even kids were affected by the Adele ticket tragedy. A daughter learns that her mom’s super upset, so of course, she thinks her bird has died. Rather, she discovers her mom is devastated because she didn’t get Adele tickets.



And this is her mom. Dying inside.




Only one parent got Adele tickets and he nonchalantly says, “What’s the big deal?” Hello, from the winning side.



To all those fans who didn’t get Adele tickets for her 2016 tour, at least you can say you’ve tried. We know it’s still tearing you apart, but we hope this video makes it hurt just a little less… Check it out below and then subscribe for more amazing videos from The Next Family.


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