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Mother Transforms Tattoo For Her Transgender Son


Lindsey Peace has three amazing tattoos of her children, tattoos that were done by her husband Steve Peace, a tattoo artist. Those tattoos featured two boys and a little girl, which confused people when they noticed that Lindsey and Steve had three boys and not a little girl in sight. See Lindsey and Steve’s son Ace came out as transgender, hence the confusion with the tattoos.

“People would say, ‘Oh, who is on your arm?’” Lindsey told Calgary Metro News, “We were on holidays, and people would say, ‘Is that your kids?’ And here I am with three boys, and very clearly a little girl was on my arm.”

“We’d say it’s the neighbor.”

After Ace came out as transgender around his 9th grade year, he asked his mother to erase the tattoo of the little girl, an identity that he didn’t recognize as himself. Instead, Lindsey decided to morph the tattoo to reflect her son with the help of her husband of course.

Steve Peace was able to transform the little girl into a boy with a slingshot.

When speaking about his son, Steve said, “We weren’t surprised. As parents, you say, ‘Whatever makes you happy,’ and we’ve seen him become happier and happier as time goes on, which makes us happy.”

Check out the full tattoo transformation below:


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