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A Gay Dad’s Grown Up Christmas List

By Henry Amador-Batten

A grown-up holiday wish

We just took my son to see Santa yesterday.
It was his fifth time sitting on Old Saint Nick’s lap and we were once again surprised by what he asked Santa for.
Regardless of ALL the things he asks for leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, his MO has become to ask for some random item at that very crucial moment, you know, while he’s got the old guys attention.
So Ben, what would you like for Christmas this year? Santa asked.
“A garbage truck Santa”, was all he replied.
Now I understand that his Santa list will probably grow along with him, but seriously, a garbage truck?
Now that’s a pretty easy order to fill right?
As a matter of fact my Mother-in-law is already on it, she’s found the perfect one in his favorite color, orange, at a local toy shop and it will soon be wrapped and ribboned and headed to rest up under her tree for another couple of weeks. It’s going to need that rest given the expectations our guy puts on his trucks.

He will certainly be getting a bit more than that come the 25th. This year will find more electronics entering his world by way of cameras and tablets and such but I’m still hoping that his needs and wants will always stay simple and modest, like that orange garbage truck.

Yesterday got me thinking of what life would be like if adults never stopped believing in Santa and what things would be like if we still got to sit on his lap every year and ask for what we wanted.
I fear that Santa would have his work cut our for him right?
Santa: Hello big Henry, have you been a good person this year?
Me: Yeah, I’ve had my moments but all in all I’d give myself a B+.
Santa: Good Henry now what can Santa bring you this Christmas?
Me: Well Santa, It’s not that big of a list,
all I want for Christmas is:

World Peace, Okay, I know, really? But yes, really. Things are truly out of control Santa and they don’t look to be getting any better any time soon. The world seems to be crashing in to our very own front doors. Everyone is on edge and fearful. The scariest and most horrible things seem to keep happening and everyone is at a loss as to how to stop it.  so see what you can do, cool? 

Safe schools for my son. He’ll be hopefully starting school next year and after all this time of knowing where he is and how he is it terrifies me to think of him being someplace where harm could come to him. Santa, I remember school being somewhere I loved going to and where I felt happy and safe with teachers that I loved and who loved me and friends that I grew with. I’m afraid that schools might be changing forever and I don’t want that for him.

I’d like a new career. So the Universe sent us a big bump a while back and it looks like I’ll have to be something else when I grow up so If you could help me figure that out and drop an idea or something over on Christmas that would just be swell. Not all 52-year-old men expect to be starting over at this point but I’m sure you’ve got just the trick in that big red bag of yours.

I’d love some peace for my husband, He’s been having to work really, really hard for us since that above mentioned bump and he could use a break. Going from a double income family to a single one over night really sucks and oh that leads me to another one.                                                                                                     We could use some financial freedom but then again so could a lot of people so could I change that to financial freedom for all? Thanks.

I’d like another child please? So having kids is not so simple for us two daddy households and our Ben would love a brother or a sister, younger or older, lighter or darker, none of that matters, okay?

I’d could really use a great vacation, not like the ones we’ve taken since becoming dads but more like the ones from years back, Spain, Morocco, Italy, France etc.. Real exotic and adventurous ones, the kind that awaken the senses and the soul.

So lets see, we’ve got,
World peace,
Safe Schools,
A Career,
Peace for my husband,
Financial Freedom for All,
Another child
and a Cool Vacation.
Was that all?
I could have sworn there were more, why don’t I write these things down?

Oh yeah, and I’d like a Garbage Truck, any color would be fine, I don’t want to give you too much work.

Thanks Santa, see ya next year!

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Henry Amador

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