Nordstrom’s Holiday Homecoming Ad Is Wonderful


By Alex Temblador

Nordstrom just released a new holiday ad called, “The Homecoming,” that features a gay couple. After one man returns home from what seems to be time away, he shares a kiss and embrace with his loved one. Of course, we can’t forget the hug he gives to his adorable dog!

LGBTQ Nation reports that the couple in the ad are a real-life engaged couple, so it’s no surprise that their love and embrace seems genuine.

This isn’t the first time that Nordstrom has featured a gay couple in one of their commercials. Rather, what makes this commercial significant is that it comes during the holiday season, a time where hundreds of holiday ads are bombarding us on the internet and TV, and most of which only includes heterosexual couples and families. It’s nice to see the LGBTQIA community represented in holiday ads such as this one and we hope that soon LGBT families are represented in them too!

We applaud Nordstrom for this great holiday ad and we hope that others follow suit.

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