SNL Shows How to Shut Down Transphobic Remarks at Thanksgiving


By Alex Temblador

Although we all love the idea of getting our family together for delicious food, the reality is that family gatherings, like Thanksgiving, aren’t always harmonious. Sometimes your racist aunt makes inappropriate remarks to your African American boyfriend about Black Lives Matter, or your uncle creates a slippery slope conversation about how “Syrian refugees are all ISIS in disguise,” or your grandfather’s transphobia is too much to bear. And for some families, there’s always that one person that can’t stop talking about how marriage, to them, is only between a “man and a woman.”

Well, this last weekend, SNL provided us with the perfect solution to all of these problems: Adele. In a hilarious skit that involves a family at Thanksgiving, a little girl starts playing Adele’s new hit, “Hello” when anyone says anything inappropriate and the guests are suddenly overcome with the need to sing.

It’s a hilarious solution that we wish actually worked. At least we get to see Matthew McConaughey dressed as Adele.

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