The Truth and Falsehoods of Charlie Sheen and his HIV Status

By Alex Temblador
charlie sheen

What do you need to know about Charlie Sheen and his HIV Status? Well, actually nothing. It’s not particularly our business to know anything so personally about another human being or to be as invasive as the media is being into Sheen’s medical history. Unfortunately, we live in a culture in which the media searches tirelessly for anything they can use to put even more focus on celebrities like Charlie Sheen. Having said that, Charlie Sheen has decided to share with the world his own personal struggle with HIV and it is with his own personal step forward and with his own words, that it is only now appropriate to discuss Charlie Sheen and the rumors that have been surrounding him. We’ve broken down the rumors for you by their veracity and falseness according to Sheen, his doctors, and other reputable sources.

  • Charlie Sheen has AIDS.

False. His doctor appeared on the Today Show and is adamant that Sheen does not have AIDS.

  • Charlie Sheen has HIV.

True. Charlie Sheen was diagnosed four years ago after having migraines, headaches, and night sweats. His doctor has stated that the medicine Sheen is on has actually suppressed the disease so that it’s undetectable in his blood.

  • Charlie Sheen’s ex-wives may have contracted HIV.

False. Neither of his ex-wives and none of his children have contracted HIV from Sheen. Everyone in his family is aware of his status (besides his youngest children) and are all supporting Sheen during this time.

  • Charlie Sheen contracted HIV from a wild lifestyle.

Not entirely False or True. Charlie isn’t sure how he contracted HIV, however, he said that he did not use needles while doing drugs and that it couldn’t possibly be through that.

  • Charlie Sheen was blackmailed because of his HIV status.

True. Charlie told an inner circle of people about his medical status. Prostitutes and other people he trusted extorted him out of millions of dollars—close to $10 million.

“What people forget is that that’s money they’re taking from my children,” said Sheen.

He doesn’t plan to pay anyone else now after sharing his HIV status with the world.

  • Charlie Sheen has knowingly spread HIV to others.

False. Charlie stated that it’s not possible that he could have shared HIV with others since having been diagnosed with the disease.

He also shared his status with everyone that he has slept with since. Furthermore, he shared that he had unprotected sex with only two people and they were under the care of his doctor and were fully aware of his diagnosis.

Dr. Huizenga, Sheen’s doctor, stated that those who have low viral numbers, use protection during sex, and stay on their medicine have an extremely low risk of passing HIV to others.

  • Charlie continues to live a crazy lifestyle.


Sheen said he has been depressed since learning of his diagnosis: “It’s a hard three letter to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life.”

Though he did drink a lot and do drugs during his depressive state, he is slowly liberating himself from that. Sheen says that he is not doing drugs anymore, but he is still drinking a little

Charlie’s doctor, Robert Huizenga said, “We’re petrified about Charlie. We’re so, so anxious that if he was overly depressed, if he was abusing substance, he would forget these pills and that’s been an incredible worry. Magically, somehow in the midst of incredible personal mayhem, he’s managed to continue to take these medications.”

Sheen said he has never once missed taking his medication in 4 years.

  • Having an HIV status will ruin Sheen’s career.


Sheen said that everyone has been supportive and that he currently has a few shows and films in the works and doesn’t see that changing.

  • Charlie is ashamed that he contracted HIV.


Sheen said that he doesn’t feel the stigma associated with HIV anymore.

“I have a responsibility now to better myself and help a lot of people,” he added, “If there was one guy on this planet to contract this that’s going to deliver a cure, it’s me. It’s me. Seriously.”

“I’m not going to be the poster man for this, but I will not shun away from responsibilities and opportunities that drive me to helping others.”


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