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All Aboard the 1st Ever LGBT Cruise Line, LGBT Families


By Alex Temblador

Cruises for the LGBT community are not a new thing, however, cruises that specifically market vacations to LGBT families, is definitely a new and amazing thing! Meet Anteros, the first cruise line for LGBT passengers. Gone will be the days where a cruise line would only have a couple cruises per year for the LGBT community, because Anteros will be providing them year round.

Marc Baron, Anteros director of business development, said, “What we want to be able to do is let the gay and lesbian consumer know when they come on board, they are welcomed and have no reason to feel they can’t be who they are.” One of the many gay and lesbian consumers that they will market to is LGBT families.

Baron noted that LGBT family cruises will be common around holiday and spring breaks, when LGBT families are more likely to be able to travel because their children will be out of school. Anteros will reach out to same-sex parents raising kids and parents and families who are raising LGBT youth. “That is part of the difference of Anteros. We have every intention of addressing every segment of the LGBT community,” Baron said.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to start booking right away, not until April 2016 that is. The 400-passenger ship will sail out for the first time in 2017 in the Mediterranean and will coincide with Europe’s Pride festivals.

The entire concept of Anteros is beyond words. Less than 10 years ago, the notion of having an LGBT community cruise line was not fathomable. However, it’s the fact that this cruise line will also cater to LGBT families that is really significant. It shows that the LGBT community is moving in a new direction. The LGBT community is getting married and having children and they are ready to vacation in an all-inclusive environment, something that is to hard to find around the world. Anteros will give LGBT families the opportunity to relax on vacation in an environment that welcomes them.

Congratulations to Anteros for making this leap and for realizing that LGBT families need vacations too! So, who wants to set sail in 2017?

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