10 Things to Do On Halloween Day

  1. Bake Pumpkin Spice Donuts.

Have a Halloween or fall-themed breakfast to get your day going! Perhaps ghost-shaped pancakes or candy corn-colored waffles? Cinnamon rolls that look like pumpkins or baked egg eyeballs! Click on the photos to be redirected to our Halloween Pinterest board with more Halloween breakfast ideas!



Or better yet, some simple pumpkin spice donuts from a box. See how this mom and her daughter fared making the delicious fall favorite breakfast.

  1. Read a Halloween book.

While the breakfast is cooking or after, have your little ones read a few fun Halloween books! Grab a few the day before from the library or surprise them with a purchased book that morning. The older your child, the spookier the book can be.


  1. Go to a pumpkin patch in the morning.

Nothing is more fun than going to a pumpkin patch with the family. They usually have activities for the kids, a pumpkin to purchase, and sometimes even a hay ride. It’ll be a fun Halloween morning activity for the family that will get you out of the house and into the fall spirit.


  1. Have a haunted lunch!

Who knew there were so many ways to make lunch so frighteningly fun? A grilled cheese jack o’ lantern or mummy meatballs? Such a hard choice! Luckily, we have a Pinterest board with some great ideas just for you. Click here!


  1. Jack O’Lantern fun.

If you haven’t played with pumpkins this October, you have to do so on Halloween day! Grab one of the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch that morning and start carving! If you don’t like the mess, consider painting a pumpkin instead. Then display them on the porch that night for all to see. A single dad and his daughters show how much fun pumpkin carving can be!

  1. Costume photoshoot.

After everyone’s put on their costumes, you must have a photoshoot! Get creative with this! Find an old timey filter or one that makes your children look ghostly. Or find a background for the perfect shot! For zombies—have your children stalk from a warehouse or reach through a chain link fence! For superheroes, a shot taken from a lower angle with an American flag in the background. And for princesses, a lovely garden area or castle-like building. Have fun with this because in 20 years when your kids look back, they will love to show off their killer Halloween photos on whatever social media network we have at the time!



  1. Trick or Treat.

Halloween isn’t complete without a night of trick or treat. Here are just a few things to consider when trick or treating.

  • Map out a route.
  • Have your child wear a light of some sort so that you can see them. Perhaps a glow-in-the-dark bracelet or a reflective badge.
  • Bring along a flashlight.
  • Only go to houses with porch lights on.
  • Stay on sidewalks and only cross at corners or crosswalks.
  • Make sure costumes are trick-or-treat friendly. Can they see out of their masks? Are their dresses dragging the ground? Will it be easy to go to the bathroom?
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t eat any candy until its inspected.
  1. Find the best Halloween decorations!

Once you’ve done a bit of trick or treating, hop in the car and set out to find the best spooky Halloween decorations in town. Some people get really into their decorations. They deck out their front yards or their garages and allow children to interact with their haunted décor. It’s always fun to hop out and inspect the creepy Halloween houses in the neighborhood!

Look at this two-dad family’s awesome decorations!

  1. Tell ghost stories.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and circle up for a fun round of scary ghost stories. Let everyone in the group make up a story or share one that someone has told them. Don’t forget to have a flashlight to shine a spooky beam of light on your face—it wouldn’t be a ghost story without it! This might just end in giggles and laughs but at least it’s something funny and memorable to do on a scary night.



  1. Watch a spooky movie!

Grab a bowl of popcorn, make a family-sized pallet on the living room floor, and turn on a spooky Halloween movie. We’ve got some great suggestions for you! After an hour of watching the movie, don’t be surprised if your little ones crash. They’ve had a long, fun, and fright-astic kind of a day!




And just for fun, check out these two moms and their kids Halloween video!

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