Ben Carson is Anti-LGBT, Single Parents

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By Alex Temblador

Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson is by no means pro-LGBT, but he has now started spewing anti-modern families’ statements to the media.

This morning on a Sirius XM radio interview, Carson reportedly said, “We’ve got to stop paying attention to the PC police who say every lifestyle is exactly of the same value.” Actually, our Declaration of Independence said that we are all equal. Remember that phrase, “all men are created equal”?

“No, it’s not of the same value. It is very clear that intact, traditional families with traditional, intact values do much better in terms of raising children. So let’s stop pretending that everything is of equal value.”

It’s not exactly clear what “traditional” means to Carson, but we can assume that he means a family with two heterosexual parents, two children, and a dog, which would leave out families with same-sex parents, single parents, divorced families, blended families, and multi-racial families.

There have been numerous studies that prove that children raised in LGBT or modern families, or what Carson would call “non-traditional families,” turn out just fine, and in many instance, better than fine.

Carson also doesn’t seem to be a big fan of single-parent families.

“We need to face the fact that when young girls have babies out of wedlock, most of the time their education ends with that first baby. And those babies are four times as likely to grow up in poverty, end up in the penal system or the welfare system. You know, I’m not making this stuff up. That’s well-documented. That’s a problem.” We still wonder if you’re “making this stuff up.”

He went on to call modern families “abnormal.”

“Laws and regulations should be designed to address normal situations while providing special mechanisms for the creation of exceptions in abnormal situations.”

And then called babies born with disabilities, “atypical,” and insinuated that they were not normal.

“Changing the law governing the normal situation in order to accommodate the abnormal situation is like requiring that car seats be designed to accommodate conjoined twins as well as anatomically normal children. … The more sensible thing would be to require car seats to accommodate typical children and design special car seats for atypical children as needed.” It’s kind of scary that you were a practicing doctor…

If you didn’t think it was possible, Carson sticks his foot deeper into his mouth. “This principle can be applied to a host of situations in our nation. For example, most people are heterosexual, and changing the definition of marriage to suit those outside that definition is unnecessarily complicated.”

If that’s the case Ben Carson, the same could have (and was) said of interracial couples. Most couples in the U.S. were of the same race back in 1967, but that doesn’t mean that it was right or lawful to not allow couples of different races to marry. It definitely wasn’t “unnecessarily complicated” to repeal anti-miscegenation laws.

In just one interview, Carson managed to insult LGBT families, single-parent families, and children born with disabilities. He also used relative word like “traditional” and “normal” to determine what is right and wrong in families. If you ask us, “traditional” families are so fifty-years ago and poor Carson hasn’t realized that most families are modern families, and its people like him that are “atypical.”

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