Why Perez Hilton’s Shower Photo with Son Shouldn’t Be Controversial

By Alex Temblador
Perez hilton in shower with sonGay celebrity star and blogger, Perez Hilton might not be everyone’s favorite. He’s been known to out celebrities, isn’t always ‘tactful’ in his words or blog, “ignores” his celebrity friends’ racist or homophobic statements, and has been sued numerous times for leaking inappropriate photos of celebrities or for copyright violations. And now he’s in another controversy: for sharing photos on Instagram with him and his son in the shower. The problem with this particular “controversy,” is that it shouldn’t even be a controversy.

Perez Hilton is a father to two children, son, Mario, and daughter, Mia. A few days ago, Perez shared a photo on Instagram with him and his son in the shower. The photograph shows a smiling father and son from their shoulders up. The post read: “Our family motto is: #fun! We try and incorporate fun into as much of the everyday things we do! #Bathtime.”

The photo went viral—but not for a good reason. Perez Hilton received backlash from the photograph and homophobic comments that labeled him as a pedophile or child abuser. Below are some of the comments:

 “He’s another Michael Jackson, Hopefully his kid won’t turn out gay. Sad sad sad…”

“All I’m saying is pops never took a shower with me. Raising little man to be a cupcake.”

“This is child abuse.”

“Bathing with your young is harmless enough, taking selfies with your naked child is seriously unwise. Where’s the common sense, do these parents really like the idea of weirdos playing with themselves whilst looking at their kids, most wouldn’t.”

Perez later posted that he had on swim trunks, but here’s the thing—he didn’t need to. The labeling of gay men as “pedophiles” has always and will always be false and utterly ridiculous. The real controversy surrounding this viral photo is the shaming of parents, homophobia, and discrimination against LGBT parents.

This photograph is of a father helping his son to learn healthy hygienic practices –in a fun way — as all fathers do. It’s not uncommon for parents to shower with their children until they are old enough to take showers by themselves. And many parents don’t wear swim trunks or bathing suits in the showers with their kids. Just read the many positive comments that users left on the photograph that contend just that!

Perez Hilton comments

Although Perez Hilton may not be America’s favorite, he is obviously his children’s favorite and a very loving father. It’s sad to see an LGBT family being attacked for something that is overwhelmingly normal among thousands of households. A single gay dad who spends time with his children, raises them with love, and makes them smile like, son, Mario is smiling in the picture, should not be shamed for his parenting. We stand by you on this one, Perez.

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