Trans Model Could Be 1st UK Woman to Be Biological & Adoptive Parent of Child

By Alex Temblador

British trans woman Fay Purdham recently launched a Go Fund Me page to can raise enough money to hire a surrogate to carry her child. Before her transition began at age 16, Fay froze her sperm in hopes of one day having a biological child. If she can raise the money and hire a surrogate, Fay plans to be the child’s adoptive mother and biological parent, which might make her the first to do so in the UK.

Fay recently came in third in the first Miss Transgender UK pageant and is planning her wedding with her boyfriend, Chris, whom she was best friends with while growing up. She’s also an artist fire breather with ties to Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Though she has become successful in her own right, growing up was not always easy for Fay: ”I was tortured growing up because I was feminine.I was told by so many people that I was gay, I felt that it was imposed upon me. But I wasn’t, I was transgender. I feel like recently I really emerged from the shell I had to create my armor against the world.”

Miss Transgender United

Now it’s motherhood that is Fay’s ultimate goal in her life right now. “Even before I knew I wanted to become a woman, I wanted to be a mother.  I have transitioned to my chosen gender, but it’s a huge task and cost to do this, so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page up to help me on my journey to become a mother and have my dreams come true,” Fay said.

Fay and fiance, Chris

Fay and Boyfriend, Chris

Her journey to becoming a mom has just began and it comes with its own obstacles, particularly financial ones. Her Go Fund Me goal is £100,000 and she’s only received £40 in five days. Still, some have shared positive messages with Fay on her journey to motherhood.

Sarah Mini Taylor posted this message on the Go Fund Me campaign page:  

Just read your story in the sun. Had to come on and share the campaign. Every woman deserves to be a mum! Hope your journey takes you where you need to go and you’re able to have a child. Good luck to you and chris! xxx

Though it may take time, we wish Fay all the luck on her path to motherhood!

For those interested in donating to the campaign, click here.

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