Watch Out Taylor Swift, My Four Year Old Daughter Has Been On Instagram Again

Amber Leventry

By: Amber Leventry

Camera and Laptop

A little while ago I wrote a post admitting that, while seemingly random and ridiculous, I love the simplicity of my daughter’s definition of what makes her happy, at least through the lens of a child’s camera. I also admitted I have a lot of time at home with my twin toddlers, so I tend to make up stuff in my head to avoid total boredom and insanity. After downloading hundreds of her photos onto my laptop, I started thinking of captions to go with some of them. I then created a fake Instagram account in my mind with the handle @elsaloveslionking as if my four year old is sharing her life with the rest of the world on IG.

Sometimes I imagine my daughter has more followers than Kim K or Tay Tay. And because of her celebrity, I can picture my sweet Eva sitting on the couch during a segment of The Ellen Show, being interviewed by Ellen herself but not before the two of them dance together. They share photos and hashtags and then Ellen surprises Eva with a trip to Disney. It would be awesome.

Then I realize I am staring at an up-close view of a My Little Pony eyeball and snap back to the reality of a four year old’s world. With her keen eye for artistry and my need to put words to everything, here is a glimpse of that world in 10 faux Instagram photos.


Movie Choices



Cathorse Collage

Bathtub cups

Fiber One Bar

Scrap Paper

Story Cards 2

HarperWhile you wait for @elsaloveslionking to make her appearance on all of the hot talk shows, you can follow her mama on Instagram @amberleventry.

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