Back-To-School Shopping? Nailed it!

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By Brandy Black

Back to school shopping

It’s a brutally hot weekend. School is starting soon. What a perfect time to go BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING with my daughter, who loves to shop as much as I do.

Anyone with an energetic little artist like my daughter knows all too well that perfectly styled outfits come home covered in paint, glitter, glue, and pastels. And of course she’s a second-grader going on teenager, growing too fast.  I’m frankly tired of spending a fortune on clothes only for her to quickly ruin or grow out of them.

So this year I decided to check out Kmart for its affordable prices on back-to-school basics.  My daughter, the little fashionista that she is, tends to be rather picky. But that wasn’t a problem with this shopping trip! She raced around the store, pulling out dresses, skirts, and pants – screaming “this is super cute!”- I knew we came to the right place.

“Giddy” is the only way to describe us as she modeled her many fun new outfits.  And it was nice not having to check every price tag or worry about telling her something she wanted was ridiculously expensive.  At the end of our shopping spree, when it was time to go home, she said “Do I have to wear the outfit I had on when we came in?  It seems so plain.”

Back-to-school shopping? Nailed it!

Back to school


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kmart through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Kmart’s back-to-school apparel collections, all opinions are my own.

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