Kidspace: Where The Harvest Is Bountiful

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By Brandy Black

Finding Fall

Summer is almost over and the kids are starting school, which means it’s time for fall! This is my favorite time of year: leaves change color, the weather crisps, and holidays beckon from around the corner.  I long for cozy knits, pumpkin-spiced coffees, and chilly walks. But in Los Angeles the weather barely changes enough to truly announce autumn’s arrival. I mean, even Halloween is balmy here. (This is why we Californians don boots and hats in 65-degree weather.) 

I feel it is my obligation to show my kids what autumn should look like.  In the past I’ve planned weekends an hour and a half out of the city for apple picking. But this year, the family won’t have to venture far away to cure our Fall Fever, because we are heading to Kidspace Children’s Museum for September Farmer Days!  We will celebrate the season by grinding grains, making cornhusk dolls, and tending to the crops.  The kids will dance the barnyard boogie, hunt for potatoes in the greenhouse, and visit the animals in the petting zoo (hello, mini cow?!).  Despite the California drought, the harvest is bountiful at Kidspace.   

We’ve shaken the sand off our beach bag and put away the summer floats.  We’re on our way to Kidspace September 6th and 7th!  Hope to see you there (in hoodies and boots).

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