The Quick Fall From Grace of Anti-Gay Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia

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Sam and Nia

By Alex Temblador

With social media it is all too easy to excitedly post happy news such as a pregnancy announcement or share photos and videos of your children enjoying their daily lives. This is exactly what Christian vloggers Sam and Nia have done by sharing their lives as parents on YouTube. However, in the past few months they’ve been on a roller coaster of scandal that has many viewers skeptical of their vlogging intentions and has ultimately led the vloggers on a break from vlogging. So who are these vloggers?

  1. Who are Sam and Nia?

Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia are Christian vlogger parents. Their YouTube channel description reads: “A small family of four pointing to a big God and vlogging it all… daily.”

  1. They have made anti-gay statements in the past.

The couple has made anti-gay statements in the past that has angered the LGBT community, as well as many other fans. Earlier this summer with the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality, the couple posted a video of them teaching their daughter that same-sex marriage is evil. Apparently the daughter stated that gay people should marry “if they want to,” which was not appreciated by her parents, who tried to coerce her into saying gay marriage was wrong. They were forced to take it down. This was their response the next day:

  1. In August, the husband, Sam, surprised his wife with her pregnancy in a viral video.

Sam Nader surprised his wife, Nia, in a YouTube video with her pregnancy, which she was obviously unaware of. In the video Sam was seen sticking a pregnancy test in Nia’s urine, left in the toilet during the night, and the test turned out positive. The video went extremely viral. Here is the video:

They also posted a video about their excitement with going viral which started to make people wonder…what were they truly excited about? A pregnancy or going viral?

  1. Three days later the couple announced that they miscarried which brought on some suspicion.

After announcing their miscarriage, Sam and Nia posted a tweet that made fans wonder if the couple had staged the pregnancy and miscarriage to garner media attention and profits.

Doctors that Buzzfeed consulted stated that the method that Sam used to find out about Nia’s pregnancy wasn’t very reliable. The couple also reported not seeing a doctor to confirm their pregnancy.

They even posted a video of them trying to go to LegoLand soon after their miscarriage. When they were denied entry, Sam stated about the employee who denied them: “He didn’t recognize the video, so now we got a bunch of disappointed kids.” In the same video, Sam reveals that he quit his job.

  1. After the Ashley Madison Scandal broke, we learned that Sam had had an Ashley Madison account.

Sam apparently had set up an Ashley Madison account before Sam and Nia began vlogging. He said he created the account out of “sinful curiosity” and that he never cheated on his wife. They posted a video about it called, “Forgiven.”

Vloggers and gay couple, Will and RJ, posted a video on their YouTube Channel, Shep689, in response to the Sam/Ashley Madison scandal. They gave some good insight into the perpetuation of negativity, hypocrisy, and being true and honest as vloggers. Check out what they said:

  1. A Vlogger Fair altercation led to the couple taking a break from YouTube.

At a recent vlogger fair, Sam approached two vloggers who apparently made comments concerning his wife’s miscarriage. In the video that Sam and Nia made about the vlogger fair, Sam said he felt bullied by two other family vloggers who didn’t agree with their tweet about their miscarried child “bringing 100K people” into their lives.

So Sam said he approached the two for “attacking his family in a public forum” and wanted to tell the two vloggers he forgave them for their comment and favorite, however, it escalated into an altercation and Sam and Nia were asked to leave. With so many vloggers at this fair, we can’t help but wonder, why are there no videos of the altercation?! Besides the vlog where Sam and Nia share their side of the story…

  1. Sam and Nia announced that they are going on a break from vlogging.

After the vlogger fair, Sam announced that the couple is going on a small break to “focus on what’s important to us.” It’s been five days since they’ve posted a video. After their roller coaster ride from fame to shame, it will be interesting to see if or how they will return to vlogging.

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