Video Shows Straight Couples Standing Up for Gay Adoptive Parents

Alexandra Temblador

couples stand up for gay parents

By Alex Temblador

For gay couples, it is sometimes difficult to create a family through adoption. For one, there are still laws like in Mississippi that prevents gay couples from adopting. For two, there are many people in the world that disagree with gay couples adopting and they use their ignorance and hate to harass and discriminate against individuals that would be great parents. However, this one video shows that there are just as many wonderful people in the world who will stand up against these ignorant individuals, stand up for the rights of gay adoptive parents and their kids-to-be.

On an episode of ABCNews What Would You Do? with John Quiñones, they decided to see what people would do if they’re at a restaurant where a pregnant woman is meeting with a gay couple interested in adopting her child, and nearby is a woman that disagrees loudly with same-sex couples adopting kids. The pregnant woman, the gay couple, and the woman who disagrees with gay adoption are all actors, unbeknownst to the restaurant customers. We are happy to say that so many people stood up for the gay adoptive parents.

There’s the two straight white males who stand up for the gay couple when the “ignorant woman” harasses them.

“They can’t create a child themselves,” says the harasser.

“Doesn’t mean they can’t raise one,” one man responds, who we later learns has a gay brother.

Another couple hears the harasser say, “Just make sure you give the baby a chance to have a normal family.” After listening to the harasser for a few more minutes, the straight couple can no longer remain quiet.

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. She forgot it’s 2015,” says the husband to the pregnant woman and gay couple.

When the harasser tries to give advice to the pregnant woman when the gay couple walks out momentarily to take a call, the straight couple tells the harasser to sit back down and mind her own business.

When the wife is later asked by Quiñones if she was surprised that her husband spoke up, she said, “It was just more prejudice and completely and totally unnecessary.”

Her husband added, “With what’s going on in the world today, something like that that would be filled with love, should be embraced.”

The hidden camera continues to show the harasser harassing the gay couple and the pregnant woman, however, throughout the day, customers stand up for the gay couple, even a woman who has laryngitis!

Halfway through the show, there was one man that somewhat agreed with the woman that gay couples shouldn’t adopt, however, he turns around and tells her to “let them be.” The harasser asked him would he give his kid to a gay couple and he responds, “I don’t know…as long as that person is willing to take care of that child.”

The man tells Quiñones that even though he may disagree with gay adoption, that ultimately it’s the pregnant woman’s choice. “We may be strangers, but we always have to respect each other.”

The last straight couple featured also stands up against the harasser for the gay couple. They continually tell the harasser to stay out of it and to mind her own business. The husband even says, “Are you from the Dark Ages?” A few seconds later the husband says that his uncle was gay and was a great father. His wife says, “He was excellent.”

Quiñones, after revealing to the couple that they are on a hidden camera TV show, asks them what they want gay couples to know. “People are on their side more now, you know, more than years ago,” says the wife.

The husband added, “They’re going to go through a lifetime of dealing with people like that, so you’re just going to have to be strong. And if you love each other that much, you’re going to love the baby even more.”

Perhaps you don’t see people standing up for you and your family often. Perhaps, it feels like there are so many outside pressures and harassers not wanting you to have a family and the love you deserve. Just know that there are so many people out there who support gay couples adopting children and with each year things will change, until eventually the harassers will lose their voice and the only voices heard will be ones of love, support, and congratulations.

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