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OliviaHas2Moms & Why LGBT Youth Need LGBT Families On YouTube

By Alex Temblador

If you’re a fan of The Next Family’s YouTube Channel, you may have noticed that editor-in-chief, Brandy Black, recently met up with the YouTube family sensation, OliviaHas2Moms, at VidCon and produced a stellar interview. OliviaHas2Moms is a YouTube Channel featuring two moms, Ebony and Denise, and their daughter Olivia. They currently have over 74,000 subscribers and share weekly family vlogs about their life as two mothers raising a child. They even created the popular hashtag: #Team2Moms.

Olivia Has Two Moms

The interview produced a lot of insight into the YouTube family’s life and one of the most interesting questions was how Ebony and Denise started their vlogging journey.

Brandy: How did you guys decide to start OliviaHas2Moms?

Denise: I was the one who watched YouTube a lot and I introduced Ebony to YouTube Channels. At this time she was pregnant and she didn’t want anything to do with it at the time.

After Olivia was born she was like, “Oh, my God, we should probably do this.” At that time, I was like, no, I don’t want to be in the public eye.

Ebony: All of a sudden when Olivia was born, [Denise’s] radar on being a mom and the sensitivity raised.

Where I now was ready because I saw another two mom family on YouTube and I was like, well, we can do this too.

The response we got from our first video kind of paved the way for how we continued


Brandy was also curious about how it was for Ebony’s and Denise’s daughter, Olivia, being in the spotlight.

Brandy: Does Olivia have any sense of what you guys are doing?

Denise: Definitely!

When people asks for pictures with her she will say, “Sure, team two moms.”

“She asks all the time, Can I be on YouTube?”

Ebony: But then we also want to make sure of her realizing that Youtube is kind of secondary for us right now. We have full time jobs and she’s in school so that life is definitely priority.

Of course, we needed to know if OliviaHas2Moms would ever grow to a family of four…

Brandy: Are you guys considering having another kid?

Denise: Yes, definitely we are.

We are excited to bring our viewers that footage and for them to partake in that part of our lives.

Brandy: Then what do you call—what is it? Olivia’s Moms have two kids?
Ebony: When we got pregnant, we were like, good grief we’re going to be moms and we didn’t look past that.

We have a second channel but there’s no videos and the channel is called #Team2moms and we might integrate it.


Then Denise and Ebony shared something we weren’t expecting.

Brandy: Is there anything else we should know about you guys?

Denise: We always think we’re boring. It amazes us because people don’t think we’re boring. We have to constantly think about what we’re going to do. So maybe we’ll go to the zoo or a museum to make the vlog interesting.

Brandy: Do you think in a weird way it makes you better parents because you’re thinking about things you can do and it makes you step outside of the box?

Ebony: That’s a great question. If we didn’t have a camera we probably wouldn’t have accomplished and done so much with Olivia.

Denise: Olivia has traveled more than I have.

Ebony: Because we’re vloggers and we think of things to do with Olivia, Olivia has done a lot more.


Ebony and Denise were invited to be on a panel at VidCon (a conference about online videos) called “Raising a Kid with an Audience.” This brought up an interesting conversation about the LGBT community and the internet, specifically the LGBT community and posting videos on YouTube.

Brandy: In terms of LGBT, how’s the representation here [at VidCon]?

Ebony: I think they’re growing definitely in comparison to last year.

We just came back from a panel where they had representation of female to male.

I was the first female to male on a panel here at VidCon. They’re definitely growing and showing the diverse groups of the LGBT community.

So we had to know what Denise and Ebony thought about “Raising Kids with an Audience,” as their panel was titled.

Brandy: How is it raising a family in front of an audience?

Ebony: The fact that we get to capture Olivia’s childhood is a true plus. When she gets older she’s going to look back and see her life on a weekly basis all the different things she did growing up.

However sometimes there is pressure with an audience. Like if we do things in a certain way and are wrong, it might get corrected…We definitely had the whole car seat, not doing it correctly.

Brandy laughs: Everyone has an opinion for a parent.

Denise: You’re basically in the spotlight so you kind of have to expect that people are going to comment about different things you’re doing wrong….But it’s all a learning experience.

Olivia Has 2 Moms

We all know that there are a lot of internet trolls who seek to put YouTube vloggers down with negative comments. So we wanted to know about the positive feedback that OliviaHas2Moms receives.

Brandy: What’s the best thing that’s come from a subscriber? Best comment or feedback you got.

Denise: A lot of people did not expect that two moms or being LGBT that there’s a future with it or that you can even have a family.

We get those comments like, “Oh, my God. I admire you guys because I didn’t think that this was possible.”

To be able to showcase that, it’s awesome.
There’s not a lot of two mom or two dad representative on the internet

Ebony: We’re going to try to change that.

And suddenly, an amazing idea formed! Which led to an even more in-depth conversation about the LGBT community and YouTube.

Denise: We need a panel in Vidcon!

Both Brandy and Ebony clap and yell, “Yes!

Denise: There’s more to just being LGBT and—

Ebony: Coming out.

There’s a trend right now is only about coming out. Granted, truly valid…However, when you come out, life begins even more and you need to know about what happens after the fact. That families are possible, parenting is possible, jobs, career, education. All of that needs to be encompassed in a representation of LGBT.

We couldn’t have said it any better Ebony.

Check out The Next Family’s YouTube channel for behind-the-scenes footage with OliviaHas2Moms and a surprise bonus appearance by YouTubers, Michael & Luigi, as well as more inspiring interviews with other YouTube vloggers, transgender activists, a gay dad with strong opinions on parenting, and some funny videos from The Next Family’s family.

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Alexandra Temblador

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