Interracial & Same-Sex Marriage Equality Photo History

By Alex Temblador

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History seems to have a way of repeating itself. Almost half a century ago, interracial marriage was legalized. Recently, the fight for same-sex marriage ended with a SCOTUS victory decision. It took two movements separated by almost fifty years for the United States to welcome in a true era of marriage equality. A quick look will show that the two fights for marriage equality were very similar, just as the celebrations were. More importantly, a quick look at the two marriage equality timelines will show us that love and equality will always win.

Anti-miscegenation (interracial relationships) and anti-gay marriage propaganda were common, hurtful, and tried to demean the beauty of love. 

anti miscegenation flyer



Continued with moral, religious, and American values arguments.


The signs are all too eerily similar. 

Many weighed in on the benefits and the need of equality of love. 

Jet Magazine–1952

Martin Luther King on Intermarriage

Michelle Obama on Gay Marriage

George Clooney Gay Marriage

And in both cases, LOVE WINS!

When love wins, wedding bells toll! And the true era of marriage equality begins. 

1970s interracial marriage

Gay couple married at state capitol

Photo By Elvert Barnes

Photo by Chris

Photo by Chris

Photo by Amy Schubert

Photo by Amy Schubert


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Alexandra Temblador

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