Awesome LGBT Moments in Sports in the Last Week

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Acceptance of the LGBTQ community in the sports world has always been slow moving. However, with the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality and with Pride month, we’ve seen some amazing moments in sports that celebrate the marriage equality decision and welcome the LGBT community. We’d like to share those with you!

  1. Pro Wrestler “Money” Matt Cage came out as gay.


Cage, an indie pro wrestler, came out in a Facebook post titled “Here goes nothing.”

He wrote that he didn’t share his sexual orientation at first because of rejection. However, “That being said, it makes it much easier to post here publicly that I’m gay.”

Cage shared how difficult it has been as a professional wrestler:

But still, the speculation that comes from one’s private life always seems to make it’s way into the professional atmosphere and that’s unfair to me. I truly have nothing to hide anymore. I spent the majority of my life lying, hiding and depressed because I felt like I couldn’t truly be who I wanted to be and live freely as I saw fit. I had to act and that’s not me. I, nor anyone else, should have to do that.  

He ended with a positive note:

To anyone who has ever been scared of just being real and telling the truth, you shouldn’t be. Yes, I was. But if the people you care about, or even those you don’t, are good people, it won’t matter…the way it SHOULD be. 

Thanks for reading, understanding & hopefully accepting.

  1. The Canadian Olympic Team launched #OneTeam.

In an effort to combat LGBT discrimination in sports and include more LGBT youth, Canada has launched a new initiative called #OneTeam. They hope to spread a message of tolerance in sports to youth all across the country and have a goal of reaching 1 million students by 2016.

They’ve created a video that shares their goals and shows LGBT youth that they are #OneTeam in this effort of wiping out LGBT discrimination in sports.

  1. The first publicly gay baseball player pitched a no-hitter in his 1st pro game on Pride Night.

Sean Conroy 1st gay baseball player

Sean Conroy is a pitcher for the Sonoma Stompers, a baseball team in the Pacific Association of Baseball Clubs, and he happens to be pro baseball’s first openly gay baseball player.
He came out as gay prior to Pride Night last Thursday, June 25th. However, what is so amazing is that in his first game with the team, Conroy pitched a three-hit shutout and pitched 11 strike outs!

His teammates were supportive during the game and wore Pride-inspired armbands and socks.

Discussing his sexual orientation and playing baseball, Conroy said: “I’ve always played baseball because it was fun and I loved the sport. Being gay doesn’t change anything about the way I play or interact with teammates. I hope that in leading by example, more LGBT youth will feel confident to pursue their dreams, whatever those dreams may be.”

  1. A Detroit News MLB writer came out on video after the SCOTUS decision.

Tony Paul is a Detroit News baseball writer and regularly appears on Detroit ABC 7’s Sports Cafe. For the last year, Paul has been considering coming out but was unable to find the words or the right way to do it. Inspired by the amazing SCOTUS decision on gay marriage last Friday, Paul finally found the courage and the beautiful words to tell the world that he was gay. Check it out below.


  1. Detroit Lions are hosting the second LGBT event in NFL history.
Detroit Lions Pride Night

Photo by Big Swede Guy

The Detroit Lions NFL team recently announced that it will be hosting a Pride Night. Last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted a LGBT tailgate. And yet, the Lions are raising the bar even more with this Pride Night.

The following will happen on Pride Night:

  • Acknowledged as an official LGBT Pride Night.
  • Block of seats in the upper level sideline.
  • Host a party on the roof top of Ford Field.
  • Host a pre-game tailgate with sponsored food and beverages.
  • Integrate multiple LGBT community groups including the LGBT Center in SE Michigan (Affirmations).

This is a significant step toward the NFL being inclusive of the LGBT community and we look forward to seeing it as a success on October 25, 2015. Go Lions!

  1. The sports world tweeted their happiness over the SCOTUS marriage equality decision.

Following the marriage equality decision, some favorite athletes and sports companies/organizations shared their excitement and happiness over same-sex marriage becoming legal in the United States.

It’s support like this that makes us their biggest fans.

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