Kimmel & Zea Prove That Kids Are All Right With Same-Sex Marriage


One of the most commonly-used arguments against same-sex marriage were children. Anti-gay and anti-marriage equality supporters have said that children deserve “one mother and one father” and that gay marriage will only confuse the children of the world. However, now that marriage equality has come to pass, we’ve seen in the following days, that kids are all right when it comes to same-sex marriage. In many instances, they are better than fine—they have become our tiny equality heroes!

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel decided to create a small video for all of those parents who ask, “How do I explain same-sex marriage to my children, now that it is legal?” His crew went out to Hollywood and “asked kids what they think and what they know” about marriage equality so he could discover “if kids are sophisticated enough to wrap their heads around this.”

What Kimmel found was about what is to be expected. Kids are all right when it comes to gay marriage. One child knew nothing about same-sex marriage. Most were able to explain it quite simply. And many just said the most adorable things that will have you laughing. After a girl explained what gay marriage was, one of the crew asked, “Do you think it’s hard to understand?”

She matter-of-factly replied, “For some kids.”

“Not you?”

“No, not really.”

“Do you think anybody should be able to get married?”

She simply said, “If you’re old enough.”

Another child in Columbus, Ohio, 7-year-old Zea Bowling understands gay marriage, and she’s also our new hero. As she was holding a Pride flag at ComFest, a music and arts festival last Friday that turned into a marriage equality celebration, a religious leader with a microphone began ranting at her. She stood her ground and waved the Pride flag back and forth without seeming afraid or intimidated by him.

Impressed with her bravery, men and women began high-fiving her at the end of the video. Her father said that, “She did feel scared,” although the people of ComFest never let her feel alone.

He father expressed the scene perfectly when he said, “Grown man vs. First grader.” It’s clear who won.

The children of the United States are just fine when it comes to marriage equality. They will grow up in a world where gay marriage is just marriage. They will accept equality as “normal.” As corny as it may sound, they are our future, and our future looks pretty good.


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