Spotlight Series: Kimberly and Holly

Lesbian moms

TNF: Tell me about your family? 

Kimberly: My partner Holly and I were married in New York City 3 years ago on Sept 1, 2011 and we have been together for 5 years. We have a one-year-old daughter, Summer and we will be working on having another child soon. Right now, we are a complete family. We are very fortunate to have a sperm donor who still remain in our lives. We would never want to shut out our daughter’s side of family.  We want her to know where she came from.

lesbian moms 2

TNF: Where do you live and do you feel accepted? 

Kimberly: We currently live in Houston, Texas. We feel very accepted here among our friends and families. My wife’s family accepted who we are and love us unconditionally. They made me feel I’m part of their lives. As for my family, they are Christian and it is hard for them to accept at the beginning. Fortunately they still love us regardless.

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TNF:What is the toughest thing about parenting? 

Kimberly: One tough thing about being a parent is that we are deaf and our daughter is hearing. But we have been able to overcome it and to teach her what we know including sign language. She is our joy and we will be surrounding her with lots of love.

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!  

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