The Top Pride Gear Collections Of 2015

With Pride season underway all across the world, there has been so much support and love from individuals, organizations, and even from cities themselves. However, this year we’ve been excited to see that clothing companies are supporting Pride and are releasing special Pride collections in their stores and online. So read below to find out which collection you might want to rock to your favorite Pride celebration and year round.


Converse pride shoes

Converse released their “Proud to Be” collection recently and it includes a variety of snazzy shoes and Pride shirts. As Converse said, “Any crusade that hits the streets as loud and passionate as this one definitely needs sneakers to fit the occasion.” The Proud to Be collection offers three high top pairs of Chucks Taylors for men and women, each representing a different kind of pride: New York Pride, San Francisco Pride, and All Star Pride. A mix of different colors, these Converse would go well with the two men’s tees. One of the T-shirts reads, “Thanks for Coming Out” and the other reads, “Proud to Be.” The Chuck Hi-Tops are $65 and the tees are $25 making this a stylish and affordable way to show your pride.


Nike pride gear

Nike has released a collection that tells you to #BeTrue this Pride season. This collection offers two pairs of sneakers for men, a pair of running shoes and pair of skateboarding shoes. The running shoe is mostly dark gray with a rainbow colored trim and the skateboarding shoes are black with the words “Be True” written all over them in rainbow colors. The shoes are $54.97 and $125, are super sleek, and will stand out at Pride. More importantly, they will remind you to #BeTrue year round.


Levi pride hat

Levi is supporting Pride season by recognizing some key moments in gay right’s history. Even better, proceeds will benefit Stonewall Community Foundation, hence the name of the line “Levi’s X Stonewall.” Even though the pictures of the Levi collection feature men rocking the tees and shorts, the collection “was designed for all with singular silhouettes selected despite gender.” This Pride line presents a pair of shorts, two tees, and a hat. The shorts have a rainbow design on the back of the shorts. The Stonewall tee offers a cool history timeline of gay rights on the back. The other tee and the hat feature a rainbow housemark. From $18-$68, this collection supports, gives back, remembers, and shows Pride in a just a few items.


Target pride gear

Target’s Pride line, “Take Pride,” was announced with a heart-warming commercial and shows that Target is committed to LGBT rights year round. This collection is very diverse: tees, tanks, tumbler cups, iPhone cases, head phones, swim trunks, chargers, headbands, earphones, and flip flops. Most of the items feature Pride Rainbows and hearts and some even feature fun sayings like, “50 Shades of Fabulous,” “Pride, A Little Thing Called Love,” and “Love is Love.” This affordable line (mostly $10-$30) of Pride wear covers your clothes and accessories. It also reminds everyone to take pride, show pride, and be all that Pride represents.


Adidas pride gear

Adidas’ Pride collection is called the “Pride Pack.” The Pride Pack includes two men’s sneakers and a pair of slides. One of the sneakers and one of the slides has a splattering of Pride color while the other sneaker sports Pride-colored shoe laces and paint drips on the side. Sorry, ladies, Adidas is offering only a men’s line for Pride this year. This collection ranges from $50-$120 and are the perfect pairs of sneakers or slides that will support your arches and your beliefs at Pride.


Macy's pride gear

This Pride season Macy’s is promoting Proposition Love Jewelry and they are even offering 15% off! Proposition Love Jewelry is a jewelry line that represents the LGBT community. Macy’s line of Proposition Love Jewelry features earrings, rings, and necklaces with slick designs, cut outs, the word “LOVE,” and gold, silver, and diamonds. Additionally, 10% of all the proceeds will go to marriage equality and gay rights.  Ranging from $134-$346, this beautiful line of jewelry will give your Pride outfits a classy look.

Hilary Clinton

Best T-shirts Hilary Campaign Pride oldy navy Hilary

Although not a major clothing line, presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton has released a Pride collection in her campaign gear and it is just too awesome to not rave about. A tank, two tees, bumper stickers, and a button pack that shows how much Clinton supports LGBT rights. The tank top, bumper stickers, and button pack feature a large rainbow “H” and “Hilary for America.” The LGBTQ Vee has the perfect message for Pride: “Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.” The last Pride tee is a funny one, with a picture of a young Hilary and the words, “Yaaas, Hilary!” which refers to the popular “Yaaas, Lady Gaga” meme resulting from a fan’s praise. The prices of this collection are $5 and $30 and shows that at least one presidential candidate is a proud supporter of Pride and the LGBTQ community.

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