Kid Summer Night’s Dream – Love and Pride

Kid Summer Night’s Dream

By Brandy Black

Kidspace Twilight Series

Summer. Is. HERE.

And that means my usual, maniacal dedication to bedtimes and scheduling can take an oh-so-relaxed backseat to long days and warm nights filled with sticky fingers, cartwheels in the grass, cherry popsicle mustaches, and sandy toes.  Outdoor concerts … movies under the stars … beach-y sunsets … picnics under a canopy of fireworks. 

For me, it’s all about presenting experiences to my children that will preserve their memories of summer. And Twilight Nights by Kidspace Children’s Museum fits in perfectly with that ideal. 

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Kidspace. As a member, I appreciate its unique approach in gathering families together to create fresh learning opportunities with spaces and exhibits curated especially for children. 

Twilight Nights –a chance to experience Kidspace after-hours– will definitely be a part of my family’s summer line-up.  Each Twilight Night offers a special theme in which families can arrive in costume, take part in unique activities, and enjoy a performance. 

My son is already psyched up about Super Powers and Sci-Fi Quest, where kids can design a “franken-toy”, participate in the Space Parade, and launch a rocket. (They had him at “rocket”.)

Other nights include Hooray for Hollywood, an evening of glamor and improv designed for the mini drama queen/king in the family (I might know one or two of those!), and Aloha Summer Luau, where little ones can create their own lei, tiki, totem, and volcano. (They had us at “volcano”.)

If you are looking for fun outdoor activities to fill your summer evenings, check out Twilight Nights. My family will definitely be there, popsicle ‘staches and all!

This summer evening series has a $7 special event admission, and is free for Kidspace Members, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on these dates. For more information, check out our calendar

Super hero night at Twilight Series


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