8 Awesome YouTube Channel Dads

Alexandra Temblador

By Alex Temblador

Even though it may seem like moms dominate the vlog world, don’t worry dads, there are a lot of YouTube channels that feature awesome fathers sharing their life, their stories, and their families with the world. Check out these eight awesome YouTube channels that feature fathers and then spread the word so we can let the world know just how much we appreciate dads.

  1. Convos With My 2-Year-Old

Convos with my 2 year old

Every dad knows that their children say the darndest things, but not every dad re-enacts those silly conversations with a grown man. Convos With My 2-Year-Old does just that! This YouTube channel stars Matthew Clarke, the father, and David Milchard, a grown man who plays the role of Coco, Matthew’s daughter. These are the funniest, most wild videos that you will find. With 768, 813 subscribers and over 62,000,000 views, it’s obvious that this channel has a huge following among dads and won’t be ending anytime soon.

  1. Action Movie Kid

Action Kid

Take a dad with some killer video graphics skills and a 3-year-old son who loves all things action and you got Action Movie Kid. With 349,159 subscribers and over 74,000,000 views, father, Daniel Hashimoto, and son James Hashimoto go on a variety of supernatural, robot fighting, terrifying and thrilling adventures in each video with the help of Daniel’s awesome technological skills. See the fun that this father has with his son every day and you will be inspired to go have some imaginative fun too!

  1. Reality Changers

Reality Changers

Jorge Narvaez is a single father of musical talents and shares those talents with his daughters Alexa and Eliana on his YouTube Channel, Reality Changers. This channel has a Latin flair as Jorge mixes Spanish into his videos and likes to also focus on art, community, and music. More importantly, this channel shows how dedicated Jorge is as a father to his children and how he likes to give back to his community through music. The high quality of entertaining vlogs that he produces is proven by 570,000 subscribers and over 180,000,000 views. If you’re a dad that loves music, travel, and community, this is the perfect channel for you!

  1. All4TubeKids

all for tube

Single father Roland and his daughters have a large variety of videos on their YouTube channel, All4TubeKids. They especially love to feature the pranks they play on each other from Roland’s pranks on his daughters to his daughters pranking him. So many aspects of this family’s life are filmed and they love to engage in challenges, vlog discussions, and enjoy showing their lives in a single father home. At over 530,000 subscribers and over 373, 00,000 views, All4TubeKids is the ultimate father/daughter vlog!

  1. Richard Jaramillo

Richard J

Single father Richard Jaramillo is a YouTube champion of single dads. Richard provides a lot of useful information for single fathers such as cooking videos, dating advice for single fathers, fitness and health videos for dads, and parenting advice. Currently he has 1,495 subscribers and over 704,000 views. The Next Family has so much respect for a father who takes care of two children, stays fit, is active and living a full, healthy, and happy lifestyle while sharing his experiences and advice with other fathers.

  1. Shaycarl


Shaycarl is the personal YouTube channel of father, Carl, from the family-focused YouTube channel, Shaytards. With other 1,470,000 subscribers and over 209,000,000 views, Shaycarl is a fun, entertaining channel with a father who does crazy antics with his friends and his family. Although he may be running around with his friends on some crazy adventures, it is clear through the family videos that he has posted, that he is a fun father always looking to give his kids a laugh. Check out Shaycarl!

  1. Just Us Guys

Just us guy

Just Us Guys is a little different from the other dad YouTube channels. This YouTube channel is a fictional series that features a gay father, Scott Young (played by Scott Hislop), and straight son, Max Sherman (played by Skylar Seymour). The series was created by Chris Lily and focuses on the parenting aspects of Scott and his interactions with his son Max. The characters have Q&A’s and discussions, and the vlog show the father and son hanging out in everyday life. It has 2,647 subscribers and over 83,000 views. This is a fantastic channel that shows LGBT families and the fathers in the LGBT community.

  1. DadLabs


DadLabs features four dads, Brad, Clay, Troy, and Owen, who seek to answer all questions and issues that dads across the world face. They show informative videos like safety instructions for fathers taking their children on outdoor adventures. Other videos include product reviews for dads, funny shorts that focus on parenting issues as a father, and advice vlogs. DadLabs is an all-around informative channel filled with funny, informative vlogs that any father would benefit from. It’s no surprise then that they have over 13,000 subscribers and 7,000,000 views.

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