Ricky Martin: Single Dad, Singer, and All-Around Guy

By Alex Temblador

Ricky Martin

Single fathers are making waves across the United States and should be celebrated for their achievements and hard work in raising their children and there is not one that is more deserving of praise then Ricky Martin. A little over a year ago singer, Ricky Martin and his then partner Carlos Gonzalez split. Since then, Ricky Martin has been focusing on the most important things in his life, his 6-year-old twin sons, Valentino and Matteo. His commitment to being a dad has all of us raving and falling in love with this all-around guy. Here are just seven reasons why we love single dad Ricky Martin.

  1. Ricky Martin is a single working dad.

Single working dads are impressive, especially a single working dad like Martin who doesn’t have a 9-5 kind of job. In 2014, Martin worked on albums, concerts, The Voice Mexico and The Voice Australia, and helped open a school and center in Puerto Rico for at-risk children with the Ricky Martin Foundation. It’s obvious that this father has a hard work-ethic, a trait that his children will learn from.

  1. His children never leave his side.

Just because he’s a working man that travels the world, that doesn’t mean he leaves his children behind. Ricky Martin brings his children on the road with him, an act that some may call “unstable,” which Martin responds with: “I’m their stability. They feel unstable if I’m not there.” We agree! Alternative lifestyles does not equal an unstable lifestyle and if a dad wants his children around him while he works, we say, kudos! That just means more dad and sons time.

  1. Ricky Martin has his priorities straight, kids first then dating.

Rather than focus on finding love, Martin is focused on the number one thing in his life, his sons. “I cannot bring different men every day into my house,” Martin says, a sign that shows he cares about the influences on his children.

  1. He’s a true romantic.

Even though he is careful about who he is bringing around his sons, Ricky Martin is still hopeful that one day he will find love and would like to get married. For Ricky, the marriage contract “is important” and he “loves the romanticism behind it.” And when looking for a partner, Martin likes to connect with someone by having “a conversation, looking into someone’s eyes and finding out their sense of humor.” If you ask us, Ricky Martin has some great dating values to go along with his awesome fatherhood values.

  1. Martin has a positive outlook on the upcoming Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision.

The Supreme Court will soon be making a historical decision on same-sex marriage and Ricky Martin believes that the decision will be in favor of equality. Martin says that the Supreme Court will say, “Let’s stop this nonsense and cover the entire country. It’s inevitable. Equality is inevitable.”

  1. He has only well wishes for those who don’t understand the joys of being a gay father through surrogacy.

In response to Dolce and Gabbana’s statements that IVF babies are “synthetic children,” Ricky Martin took the high road and only had well wishes for the designers:

I wish them lots of enlightenment. Their voices are too powerful to be spreading so much hate. I hope they analyze a bit to work out what life really is about and what the future has for us. Surrogacy is a beautiful process.”

  1. He gives his sons the perfect answer to the age old question of “Where do babies come from?”

When one of his sons asked Martin, “Was I in your belly?” Martin had a perfect response: “You were in my heart and you are still in my heart.”

Our hearts are melting.

Rather than leave it at that, Martin explained to his children that a woman helped bring his children into this world by carrying them in her belly and when they were born, she put them in Martin’s arms where they’ve been ever since.


Photo Credit: Lander2006

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