UK Has Most Legal Equality in Europe, New Study Reports

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UK has most equality in Europe, a new study reports.

ILGA-Europe, an international human rights organization, found that the U.K. has the most legal equality for the LGBT community.

Forty-nine countries were measured and ranked by how much legal protection is provided for the LGBT people. The countries were measured in 48 different criteria from marriage equality to employment discrimination protection to hate crime laws.

“We witnessed several countries making historic strides, while others have stalled in terms of their equality development,” co-chair of ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board, Paulo Côrte-Real said. “The vital ingredient, present in so many of the countries who have climbed in our Rainbow Map rankings, was unshakable leadership from political figures and activist leaders, often in challenging contexts.”

The U.K. topped the list with 86 percent, followed by Belgium with 83 percent then Malta with 79 percent. Azerbaijan bottomed out the list with 5 percent. Russia scored 8 percent and Armenia got 9 percent.

ILGA-Europe’s review of the data found many positive trends that happened since last years’ review. Many countries started to recognize the rights of trans and intersex people, and found many more visible LGBT advocates.

“The advances made in 2014, and in 2015 so far, do not just belong to ILGA-Europe,” the company’s Executive Director Evelyne Paradis said. “Our Map reflects them and we have supported them. But ultimately, they belong to the activists, to our member organizations and the political leaders who are willing to raise their head above the parapet and lead social change.”


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