Over 90,000 Attend Rainbow May Day Parade in Russia

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Over 90,000 people attended the Rainbow May Day parade in St. Petersburg, Russia for the fifth year in a row on May 1.

The parade was in celebration of the International Workers’ Day and had people from trade unions, political and social movements as well as a LGBT column consisting of 600 people.

The column had slogans like, “No to discrimination on gender and sexual orientation,” “Dump homophobia,” “I love, not war,” and “Sexism is so last century.”

Not everyone was happily celebrating the LGBT community, however.

Local Legislative Assembly MP Vitaliy Milonov, a vocal opponent of LGBT equality, disrupted the march with offensive shouting.

“Arrest them! Go away! Pedophiles! Prostitutes! F—-ts! I am Russian! We will liquidate you! They should be squashed with tanks and tractors,” and other remarks, also asking police to give him permission to “tear head off” the participants.

According to Milonov, bringing to his children to the parade and having them see rainbow flags promoted homosexuality to them. He asked police to remove the flags as they violate the “gay propaganda ban law,” however, they refused.


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