Must-See Mixed Family YouTube Channels

By Alexandra Temblador

In 2013 Cheerios aired a new commercial that features one of the most modern day types of families in the United States, an interracial family made up of a black father, a white mother, and a biracial daughter. Since then, they’ve released another commercial with the same family called “Gracie.” Unfortunately, the original commercial that was posted on YouTube received a lot of racist comments which led to the comments section to be closed. Despite the racist comments that blew up on YouTube and Facebook, it doesn’t change the fact that the 2010 United States census showed that the population of people who are made up of two or more races grew by 32 percent between 2000 and 2010, the fast growing segment of the population according to race.

It’s 2015…do the math.

For those of Generation X, Y, and Z, it isn’t uncommon to have a lot of friends or family who are mixed race or multi-ethnic and isn’t uncommon for them to be multiracial or multi-ethnic. Families are no longer commonly homogenous and that fact is ever present on YouTube channels where many interracial couples are creating vlogs that document their experience as parents to mixed race children and being in interracial or inter-ethnic relationships, and where they provide their own parenting advice for other parents.

The search for the top must-see mixed family YouTube channels brought up many amazing aspects of the mixed community such as positive hashtags like #loveseesnocolor, #teaminterracial, #accepttheswirl, and a fairly new one that is gaining traction, #intergaycial for interracial and interethnic gay and lesbian couples.

So without further ado, here are the seven must-see mixed family YouTube channels.

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The Nive Nulls

With 252,312 subscribers and over 30,000,000 views, The Nive Nulls YouTube channel is the ultimate mixed family vlog. Austin and Brittany, a black and white couple, along with their mixed children, Audriauna and Kailand, have created a mixed family-focused YouTube channel that features some of the most hilarious videos in the vlogosphere. From an “Interracial Swag” video that raps out praise for interracial love, to everyday vlogs that feature aspects of their family life, and even #AskANull videos where Austin and Brittany answer questions from fans, they have everything you could possibly want from a mixed family YouTube channel. Just be prepared to not stop laughing.


Blasian Family Channel

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As you can guess from the title Blasian Family Channel is a mixed-family YouTube channel that features a Korean woman, Lily, and her husband, James, an African American man, and their two beautiful mixed daughters, Yuri and Dasomi. The Blasian Family Channel currently has 16,398 subscribers and over 4,000,000 views. This vlog is interesting in that Lily is from Korea and James is American and they feature that on the YouTube channel with international dating and interracial dating videos in addition to videos that feature their daily lives as a mixed race family. If you and your significant other grew up in two different countries and come from two different cultures, and created a mixed family through your interracial or inter-ethnic love, then you will fall in love with the Blasian Family Channel.



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Brandey and Jeremy, a black and white couple, have an awesome YouTube channel called BaileyLiving which documents their lives as an interracial couple with their blended family of children and stepchildren. Their vlog features Q&A videos and videos that document their family life from doing hair to family outings. What makes this couple so interesting is that not only are they a mixed and blended family but that they were married, divorced, and remarried after rekindling their love for each other. They speak about their reconciliation candidly which has gained positive feedback from their viewers. Divorce is a common aspect of many American families and it seems that the 16,315 subscribers and 3,000,000 viewers are all happy to see love bring two people back together again. If you want a true and honest couple that loves their mixed and blended family, BaileyLiving is for you.


TheBells Plus One


If you are looking to relate to a young mixed family on YouTube, TheBells Plus One is the right YouTube channel for you. Uriah and Marsai, a beautiful interracial couple, and their daughter Mariah are the stars of the show and they have 8,344 subscribers and 590,510 views. This young interracial family is also a military family and many of their videos feature military life. TheBells Plus One discuss a lot of different topics besides the military such as a How To section on things like recovering from a C-section, vlogs that focus on their daughter, makeup tutorials and hair reviews, Q&A vlogs, and daily vlogs about their lives. You will never be bored with Marsai and Uriah—their vlogs have music, graphics, and a positive attitude that is expressed through their upbeat demeanors, and sometimes, silly antics.



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CraterFamTV features an amazing couple: Mona, a Ghanaian American woman, and Ricky, a Mexican American man, and their mixed son, Zaid. Mona and Ricky are very proud of both their heritages and love to incorporate them into their lives and the life of their son and they show it in many of their vlogs. CraterFamTV features vlogidays, tags and challenges, and even a series of videos that document real-life arguments that they have had that many couples experience as well. They have brought up very interesting mixed family topics and questions in their vlogs such as how it is to raise mixed children in the United States. This mixed family is just starting out on their journey with their 11 month old son and with over 4,000 subscribers and over 235,000 views, this mixed family YouTube channel will continue to grow in popularity.



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TheZebraTribe shows that, yes, mixed families homeschool too! Sarah and Aaron, a Jamaican and white couple, have three mixed children that they have chosen to homeschool and many of their homeschool sessions are filmed in their vlogs. Aaron and Sarah really involve their kids in their vlogs and feature a lot of daily life videos. Their videos also focus on different topics like why they homeschool, being parents who had children at young ages, interracial dating, and pregnancy weight. If you are looking for topics on young mixed families or homeschool, this is definitely the vlog for you.



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GabeBabeTV feautres, Gabe and Babe, a black and white couple, and their young mixed race son. This channel has 152,091 subscribers and 24,525,770 views. If you want a lot of videos from an awesome interracial YouTube couple, this is your vlog. They provide couch conversation videos on topics like doing mixed children’s hair, parenting, interracial relationships, and family and career. They also have “Foodie Files” where they talk about their NatureBox snacks, pregnancy and postpartum vlogs, and tag/challenge videos where they sometimes do challenges with other YouTube personalities. If you are looking for a mixed family YouTube channel with a lot of diverse videos that are organized very well, GabeBabeTV is the mixed family vlog for you.

And just a few more…

For the parents and families who can’t get enough of mixed family vlogs, here are some other noteworthy mixed family YouTube personalities that you should check out:





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Alexandra Temblador

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