WATCH: Jenner-Ation XY Trans Youth Speak

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By Brandy Black
Resources for transgender youth

This is a groundbreaking time for Transgender in this country.Here is a video resource with a support group for trans youth.   Openly Jake speaks with kids about their feelings about transphobia in this country.


If you didn’t catch the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer, it is worth finding. It was an open, honest, conversation about the real Bruce Jenner and the chapter ahead. Here is a clip from the stunning interview.


There are growing resources out there for transgender people that are available for kids and adults.  Here is a trailer of an upcoming feature about a transgender child and his incredible family. Raising Ryland is a documentary film by Sarah Feeley.  We attended the screening this weekend and it is an important film to be made and we look forward to it’s release.   Here is a clip.

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