Gay Dad: The Roots Of A Good Life

By Joey Uva

Gay dads and their 10 year old daughter

I have a really good life. I have a husband, a ten year old daughter, two dogs and home to call my own. Life hasn’t always been this good or this easy but if it were not for the strongly planted roots of family, I would not be so blessed today.

After celebrating our 8th year together, Trevor and I were married in 2013, soon after it became legal in California for the 2nd time. I wasn’t sure if getting married would feel much different since we already felt married but it does. The commitment has made us and our family stronger. 

Our daughter turned ten this past January. As we approached her tenth birthday I started to think how fast the years have gone by. She’s heading towards her teenage years, a whole world of changes and new experience are ahead. It’s time to embrace change, enjoy each moment as it comes and find a way to get through those new challenges that may lay ahead.

We’ve now been in our new home for 3 years.  I guess 3 years doesn’t make it brand new and it feels more like our home than ever. Walking in our front door after a work day feels right. It’s not just a house, its home.

With all life’s joys, challenges and unexpected events, I realize how lucky I really am. Nothing comes without commitment and sacrifice and my aunt and uncle are a perfect example of this.

Earlier this year my uncle, Colo passed away at the age of 84. Life with my aunt Rosa and their life together planted the roots that would set in motion a better life for me, my siblings, cousins and the many family members yet to come. In 1959, my aunt (my mother’s sister) moved from Nicaragua to the United States at the age of 19, she was sent due to the Sandinista unrest there at the time. Her goal was to make enough money to slowly bring her father, mother and all 11 siblings, including my mother to the U.S. 

My uncle was 29 years old when he met my aunt who was now 20. He was born in Puerto Rico and served in the Navy. When my uncle met my aunt they fell deeply in love but when he asked for her hand in marriage, she declined his proposal. She let him know that she had committed to work, save money and get all her family to the United States, this was her mission. This did not stop my uncle; he convinced my aunt that between both of them, their income would be enough to send for all of her family. He committed to her on that day that he would not only love and cherish her for the rest of his life but he would help to bring her family, all 13 to them the US.  With their love, commitment and devotion, they indeed accomplished this together. My uncle and aunt were married for 56 years. My uncle loved my aunt until his very last day, last moment and last breath; he kept his commitment to her. They were rooted in love and family.

A tree will not survive without strong roots; the trunk would be weak, the branches frail and it would not thrive or blossom. My aunt and uncle are the roots of our family, they gave us the strength to grow, the power to thrive and the ability to blossom. I am blessed with the roots of a good life.

Colo & Rosa 50th Anniversary Celebration

In loving memory of Uncle Colo

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