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Marriage Equality Video Goes Viral in Ireland

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A new video has gone viral to support a “yes” vote on Ireland’s marriage equality referendum. Ireland is set to become the first country in Europe to hold a referendum (with the law not decided by passing legislation in parliament) on same-sex marriage May 22.

“Their campaign is based largely on fear and disinformation, and it is very easy to do that,” Irish drag artist Panti (real name Rory O’Neill) told The Guardian. “If you have a lady from the country or even a city who has a gay cousin initially she might think ‘oh yes, I will vote for gay marriage’. But if she turns on the radio and hears all these fears expressed about children and that gays having the right to be married will take away a child’s right to a mother and father then that lady might think twice and have her doubts. That lady might just say she will vote just to keep things the way they are than vote for change.”

Ireland decriminalized “gay sex” in 1993. It was one of the last countries in Europe to do so.


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