Spotlight Series: Neya and Heather

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TNF: Tell me about your family. 

NEYA: My name is Neya and my partner is Heather. We have been together for a year now (even though it seems longer). We are raising two kids together.  Our son (Elisha;12) is biologically mine and our daughter (Tyler; 6) is adopted. The kids call me “Mommy” and call her “Ms. Heather.” Heather and I plan to get married one day and add to our family of 4. When we have a little one, I will be “Mommy” & she will be “Momma”.


TNF: How did you meet your partner? 

NEYA: Heather and I met off of a dating website called Plenty of Fish (POF). According to her, she visited my page several times but did not know why she never left me a message. It took no time for me to make the first move. Actually, all I did was inbox her after I saw that she viewed my page and left no message. It was all out of fun on my part. I personally was in a place where I did not care if I met anybody. I really did not expect her to message me back, but she did! We automatically connected. We spoke on the phone and chatted via Tango for 3 months (her in Delaware and me in Maryland). Then we met face to face on January 3, 2014. We made our relationship official February 3, 2014. We discovered that we both have grown to love one another way before our initial visit. We were two people who weren’t looking for a relationship who built a solid friendship that grew into love. Everything happened unexpectedly but happened the way that it was intended to happen.


TNF: Do you feel different than other families?

NEYA: We do not feel different from other families. We still face the same experiences and challenges that other families face. We teach our kids how to love and respect others. They are aware that there are different families and everyone’s family is not the same.

TNF: Is it tough being a gay couple where you live?

NEYA: We are accepted where we live. There is support from other families and organizations in my area. We definitely feel comfortable where we live and we are very proud of our family.


TNF: What has having a family meant to you?

NEYA: Family means everything to us. Heather and I both are strong on the value of family. I raised the kids on the same values I was taught as a child and it is amazing to have a partner that shares the same values as you. Family never turn their back on one another, we apologize and forgive. We make mistakes,  but we learn from it and move on. We cherish every moment; for we do not know if it may be our last. We say we love you, we give hugs, we are real, we are loud, we have fun and we cry together. The three most important things we do are: we put God first, we pray together and we LOVE.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us! 

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