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Psychology Today Will No Longer Advertise Ex-Gay Therapy


On Wednesday, March 7, Psychology Today, a magazine and website that offers over 80,000 mental health professional profiles, announced they will no longer advertise therapists that offer conversion therapy as the “gay cure.”

The day before, Charles Frank, who runs the organization’s directory of therapists told The Huffington Post that, “We take care not to sit in judgment of others by allowing or denying individual participation” in the directory. Though the magazine was not a “fan,” of conversion therapy, “the Therapy Directory cannot pick winners,” Frank said.

The Human Rights Campaign started to pressure the magazine to remove the advertisements that claim gay people can become straight through counseling in February.

“By offering a venue for these medically-debunked practices, Psychology Today is lending them a veneer of credibility – by propping up a fraudulent industry that takes advantage of vulnerable individuals, including children and families,” HRC spokesman Fred Sainz said in a letter to Psychology Today’s publisher and CEO.

The letter went unanswered until the day after the HuffPost published a story about the issue. Four hours later, Frank announced a change on the website.

“The Therapy Directory has removed the individual whose profile included a discussion of conversion therapy,” the statement said. “We have informed all Directory professionals that those whose profiles offer conversion therapy will be delisted.”

Since the announcement, Frank has removed five profiles that mention “reparative therapy,” another name for conversion therapy.


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