Strolling Through Our Urban Gallery

By Teri Lehner Stack

Lesbian moms in Brooklyn

My wife and I live with our son in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a place where art is taken to the streets and inspiration is embedded within the culture of each and every day.

Lesbian moms in Brooklyn

Lured more than a decade ago by the music scene (for my wife) and the artistic vibe (for me), our unique, urban community evolved into something else entirely once we became parents.  It became the place within which we could cultivate our baby’s creative mind.

Infusing art into a child’s world can’t help but add dimension to his learning development.  I believe the idea of irresistible learning and discovery can begin at a very young age, setting the tone for positive exploration and engagement.  Which is exactly why the high-art, special edition Quinny Moodd by Britto stroller is perfect for our family.

Lesbian moms in Brooklyn

Designed by Brazilian Neo-pop artist Romero Britto, it has everything I want in a stroller. It can last from infancy through toddlerhood and is so easy to maneuver. A few of my favorite features are that it unfolds automatically and reclines in two ways.  The fabric is water repellant with 50+ UV sun canopy.  Everything is adjustable and it comes with a rain cover.

But it’s the Moodd’s bold, bright, playful design that we really love, because it enhances our son’s experience within the changing landscape of his urban “gallery”. By energizing his environment with art, our child is engaged and interested in the world around him. And all of that is amplified by the stroller’s form and color, which not only appeal to our son, but also speak his visual language.

Teri 2

When I was pregnant, I worked on a retrospective exhibition with a talented color theory artist. I’ll never forget his retelling of how very young children would jump up and down with excitement when viewing his large-scale canvases. It made such a strong impression on me, realizing that art really does move the kid in all of us.

Recently we overheard our son explaining to our cat that we were going on vacation where there would be “amazing fun things to see, like the beach and museums!” Hearing this meant so much to me, as I have built my career around art and the energy and harmony that occur when it is infused into any environment.

I feel the same walking through Williamsburg with our Quinny Moodd stroller by Britto. We feel like we are part of the visual landscape…it’s an artistic “happening” within any day.

Lesbian moms in Brooklyn


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