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Baby Registry List For The Modern Parent

2015 Baby Registry Guide

Note from the Editor: This is a compilation of our staff favorites with a heavy hand from my wife and me.  We very specifically chose items for not just moms, but for dads too, because we know that today’s parent buyer consists of more than moms. Our search revealed how often baby brands refer only to “moms”…this is our shout-out to DADS too!


Buzz Xtra Stroller by Quinny The Quinny Buzz Xtra is our favorite rugged, all-terrain stroller.  It is a smooth ride for baby and parent.  It unfolds automatically with a unique hydraulic system making it easy to store, which, let’s face it, is a must for the city parent.  The canopy also includes a visor for better protection from the sun.  We also love their Walk Your Way Campaign which supports all types of families…thank you Quinny!  (They were even recently featured on the Ellen Degeneres show!) *2015 Favorite Featured Product by The Next Family team. Best stroller baby gift registry We love the Quinny Yezz in our stroller lineup because it is optimal when traveling to have a light, throw-it-over-your-shoulder stroller that doesn’t add to the weight of baby, diaper bag, luggage, and whatever else you might be dragging through the airport.  This is compact, lightweight and you’ll never know it’s there until you need it.  We have it at the ready. By the way, if you haven’t already figured this out, you will likely own 3 or 4 strollers…mark my words!  sponsored


Baby registry list 2015

This “Breeze” playard by 4 Moms is the best invention for parents!  No offense Pack N Play, but my wife and I got in so many fights trying to set you up. This playard requires only one simple step for set-up.  Why didn’t anyone think of that before?  We used these for naps on vacations, visiting the grandparents, and everything in between.  Light and easy.

Baby Carriers

Best baby carrier to register for This four-position 360 Ergobaby Carrier is the best invention known to parents!  There are four comfortable ways to wear your baby: front inward, front outward, back, and hip.  It has a wide waistband and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort and the colors and styles fit both moms AND dads.

Diaper Bags

skiphop diaper bag Skip Hop is our favorite diaper bag; it’s simple, functional, and has designs that appeal to men or women.  My wife hated my girly diaper bag so she opted for this no-frills Skip Hop.  I ended up falling in love with it in the end.  Story of our life!   Best diaper bag Here is my choice diaper bag (even though Skip Hop won in the end). I love several of the Petunia Pickle Bottom designs.  I always liked feeling as stylish as I could when going out with my kids (which isn’t an easy task).  My wife wouldn’t be caught dead with this bag.   best diaper bag for dads Great bag for both moms and dads by Diaper Dude.  It has 10 compartments with durable nylon and an across-the-chest carrying design.  My wife and I don’t have this one but the staff approves!


What to get for your baby registrty We love this monitor because it emits 97% less microwave radiation than traditional DECT baby monitors over extended periods of infant exposure.  We love the piece of mind a monitor gives, but can’t have it be unsafe for our kids! This monitor has an extra long battery life, two-way communication, and is plug-and-play.  We love Belly Armor. They also have great products for protecting from radiation exposure during fertility and pregnancy.

Swaddle Blankets

Best things for baby registry We love these swaddle cloths by Adin +Anais but we don’t actually use them for swaddling.  We use them to drape over the stroller while baby is sleeping so that peeping parents won’t wake our sweet bundle.  Because they are made of breathable cotton muslin they are perfect for so many different things and the open weave allows for baby’s body temperature to regulate itself…not to mention they have fantastic designs for dads or moms.

Diaper Changing Pad Cover

Trend Lab Beautiful design, gender neutral, sold everywhere, we choose the Trend Lab grey and white circle print changing cover.  I’m a fan of soft and comfy. (Who isn’t?)  We also like some of Pottery Barn’s covers.

Diaper Pail

best baby registry items of 2015


We love this diaper pail by Dekor! Not only does it look so much cooler than the standard white one, but it comes with special scented liners and a locking system so the kids won’t throw their pacifiers in the diaper pail (like ours did). Yuck!  It’s also hands-free for parents!


Best nursing pillow to register for This is a great nursing/bottle feeding pillow for moms and dads.  I love Boppy. Their site gears a bit too much towards mom, mom, mom (clearly, dads feed baby too), but these pillows are great and comfortable. I used them for feeding and for holding baby while I picked up around the room.   Their designs are decent –could be a little more gender neutral– but over all, a staff fave.

Baby Essentials–Bath, Body, Rashes, Wipes

Best baby products for kids We love Honest products at our house.  This was the best picture we could find after not hearing back from their “press” people for a good image but who doesn’t love Jessica Alba?  We use the baby lotion and shampoo for our kids but she has a plethora of products in this line that we really want to check out.  We also love that the price point is reasonable.  You can even find some of the Honest products at Costco.   California Baby We are fans of California Baby sunscreen. It’s pricey, but worth it to keep your child protected from the sun.  You probably won’t use this for the first few months because for infants it’s best to use hats and shade…but once you move to sunscreen, get this one.   wipes warmer Don’t deprive your baby of this wipe warmer that will keep baby’s wipes at a perfect cozy, temperature.  We were told this wasn’t worth the expense…but we beg to differ!  In our hospital/baby prep class, everyone in the room said to skip it.  But not the gay dads! We took their advice and haven’t looked back.  Our babies never cried during changes (ok, not true, but it certainly wasn’t because of cold wipes). Refer to our tips section for techniques on preventing baby from crying during changing.


best baby registry list


We know pacifiers aren’t for all babies, but if you are considering getting one, check out the Wubanub.  Your baby won’t misplace it nearly as often as they would a regular pacifier and they’ll have a little special friend attached.  You can get the Wubanub with all kinds of cute animals. Our kids love them!

Infant Car Seat

best infant car seat We are fans of the Maxi Cosi Mico AP infant car seat.  This European company knows how to do it right so that the car seat adds style to your car and comforts your baby.  We love their modern design and gender-neutral color scheme. My family has a few of these in different colors.

For Baby

black and white ideas for baby Remember how very young babies can only see in black and white?  These are great little cards to share with baby or to decorate baby’s room. Wee Gallery has ideal designs for parents and baby alike.


tips for stopping baby from crying You’re going to think we’re insane but go out and buy an electric toothbrush for your infant. When they cry during changes or at the pediatrician’s office, set this down nearby. The vibration and sound will calm baby right away, it may even lull them to sleep. We used this everywhere. It really only works from 0 to 3 months.


apps for sleeping baby Load up a sound app on your smartphone or tablet. Any white noise will do as long as you have it at the ready to calm baby. We used this from 3-6 months (after we wore out our electric toothbrush).


Photo Credit: Pink Hat Baby/ Charlotte

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