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Ellen DeGeneres: I’m Not a Lesbian Script Machine


Though the new NBC comedy produced by Ellen DeGeneres, One Big Happy, has the goal of bringing humor to television, it’s also breaking ground whether that was DeGeneres’ intention or not.

“It just happens to be a very funny show. It happens to have a lesbian character in it,” DeGeneres said. “It’s not like I formed a production company and said, ‘Bring me all your lesbian scripts.’ I’m not just going to be a lesbian machine that just turns out stuff.”

One Big Happy/NBCThe show is about a straight man (Nick Zano) and his lesbian best friend (Elisha Cuthbert) who decide to have a baby together. Just as Cuthbert learns she is pregnant, Zano finds the love of his life and the three have to figure out how to work out the new family.

“That’s all I wanted to do was put out really funny material [that’s] smart and thought-provoking,” DeGeneres said. “If this is thought-provoking and helps people open their minds a little bit and see a multiracial couple, to see a lesbian character and to see a guy who is her best friend that has a relationship, that’s a whole other story…They’re just going to be people that you love and watch and don’t think twice about any of it being weird. It’s just friendship or family or whatever that is. I think friendship is obvious, but family is not so obvious. Family changes all the time.”

Plus, DeGeneres already knows you’ll love the show.

“You will love it,” DeGeneres said. “And I’ll tell you why: there’s a lesbian in it.”

One Big Happy is slated to premiere March 17 on NBC.



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