Lesbian Emojis Fill the Gender Gap, Excitement Ensues

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Have you ever scrolled through your emojis searching for the perfect way to tell your girlfriend you think you should move in together?

Well now, thanks to a new app, Lesbian Emojis, you can just sent the U-Haul emoji and avoid talking about it.

Advertising executive and graphic designer Kimberly Linn and co-creator Katie Streeter began an Instagram account in July with lesbian emojis featuring things like a fish inside a taco, scissors, a turkey baster, and a Tegan and Sara CD.

“On one hand, you think there’s no need for them to be that inclusive – they’re just emojis,” Linn said after noticing the LGBT community is only represented by two boy characters and two girl characters holding hands. “But at the same time, they’ve become a language. And my friends and I have never had anything that represented us.”

With over 10 thousand followers and 50 emojis, Linn’s ad agency Pitch decided to support the project financially through their support program for employees’ personal projects, Pitch Black.

Now, all the emojis which range from nail clippers to Home Depot to a beaver are all available for free on iTunes.

Here are some of our favorite emojis.

UHaul TSara Sneaker Fish-Taco Baster


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