Norman Rockwell’s Granddaughter Narrates New Lesbian-Themed Tylenol Commercial

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Tylenol’s new ad campaign “For What Matters Most” features profiles on contemporary families, one with four parents, an African American family and a Chinese-Japanese family.

In the ad for the Beser Carr Schneider Musich family, the campaign focuses on the family consisting of a lesbian couple, one of the partner’s ex-husband and his wife.

“We’re not a broken family, or a fixed family,” one of the women says. “We’re a super-family.”

Norman Rockwell’s granddaughter Abigail Rockwell narrates the videos.

“Norman Rockwell painted America’s story for 60-plus years,” she said. “Our definition of family is now expanding and blossoming… the core of Norman Rockwell’s work is about coming together, just being present for each moment.”

Tylenol Senior Director Manoj Raghunandanan said earlier this month that the company isn’t worried about any controversy with the ad.

“It reflects serving our consumers and how unique and diverse they are,” he said.

According to Raghunandanan, Tylenol has always been a brand about much more than pain relief.

“Caring for people and going beyond their pain is what makes Tylenol Tylenol,” he said.

The other ads feature different families including one headed by a grandmother with an eyebrow piercing.

“Family is what you make it out to be,” Rockwell said.

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