A Gay Dads New Year Message For His Three Year Old Son.

By Henry Amador


gay dad and his three sons

Dear little man,

It will soon be 2015, and although your little mind can not understand this yet, we are on the edge of some exciting and momentous of things.

This new year will find you turning four, which is huge and beautiful and oh so exciting. Your papa and I love you and how each new day brings a brand new you. We are constantly amazed at the little human that you are and we marvel at your mind, your heart and your humor. We adore everything you do and say. You will be turning four our little man and our hearts are full of hope and excitement for the long road that is magically appearing before you and for taking us along on your miraculous journey.

This new year will find your fathers celebrating a six year wedding anniversary and as you will one day learn marriage equality became the law of the land in North Carolina on October 10th 2014. Your fathers were married on that exact day five years earlier and we celebrated our anniversary with many friends and family members. You, our little reveler, were smack dab in the middle of it with all the joy and cheer you could muster and how we look forward to celebrating many, many years to come with you by our sides.

This new year will find you entering school, I have had the honor and the pleasure of being at home with you for a long while now and I will say that 98% of that time has been remarkable beyond words and that the other 2% found me pulling out my already disappearing hair and literally questioning my existence and my sanity. I would, however, not give up a single moment of any of it. As I write this your fathers are waist deep in school visits and applications and waiting list, we are weighing out private vs public and having clear and honest conversations with each other about just what we can afford and what we are able to sacrifice in order to give you the best, your best and ours.

This new year will find us buying a home here in North Carolina, we go back and forth on this as there is a big part of us that imagines and old farm house on acres and acres for you to explore, The city boy in me bubbles up with excitement over the idea of chickens and goats and a big barn that we could host beautiful events in. I imagine you as a free spirit, the lord of your manor, living a life that is simple and humble and yet full of wonder and creativity. We also love living close to the city and within a quick jaunt to visit friends and all our favorite places. The above mentioned school adventures also come into play as we live in a world where schools are rated and cities are zoned for the good and the bad and sometimes, sadly, the further away one ventures from the “center” brings some challenges. Life will lead us little one, life will lead.

This new year (Universe willing) will find our family growing and your wish for a sister or two coming true. your papa and I have always dreamed of a big family and as much as I know you love being the king of the castle I also know that we have much, much love to give and that the more we bring into the fold the better we will all be. We have been busy preparing our home for the arrival of another and you already call the room your “sisters” room. Ah, my little one but how I look forward to you having your sister or sisters or brothers…How I pray that you will grow with the special love that is the love of a sibling.

We think about you and your life with every turn and with every breath we take. Our life became your life the very second you took your first breath, As this new year approaches your papa and I tell you these things because you my son are the very reason that the world changes, you my boy are the reason we find ourselves on the edge of all these remarkable and life changing new things, you are why we fought for marriage equality, you are why we moved to a new land, you are why our house is a home, you are why we prepare for more children and you are why our lives are such blessings. As we prepare for this shining New Year we take a moment to thank you for the gift of you and for the precious choice you made to let us be your parents.

Happy New Year Sweet Boy.

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Henry Amador

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